WASHINGTON - A new study from MIT's McGovern Institute for Brain Research has shown that brain's habit formation appears to be an innate ability that is fine-tuned by experience- specifically, the costs and rewards of certain choices.
WASHINGTON - A new study has shown that widely used fragranced products - including those that claim to be "green" - give off many chemicals that are not listed on the label, including some that are classified as toxic.
WASHINGTON - The planned final flight next week of the US space shuttle Discovery has been postponed until Wednesday to allow engineers ample time to test repairs made after a leak was detected in the craft, space agency NASA said late Saturday.
HAMBURG - Google is known for putting thing online - books and images of houses, for instance. Now it's put up the Trans-Siberian Railway.
LONDON - Action role-playing game Mass Effect 2 has won the ultimate game of the year prize at the Golden Joystick awards.
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