American, Dane die in hot air balloon crash while on safari at Tanzania’s Serengeti Nat’l Park

American, Dane die in balloon crash over Serengeti

Rights activists from Brazil, Nepal, Nigeria and Israel share 2010 ‘Alternative Nobel’

Rights activists share Alternative Nobel

STOCKHOLM — Activists from Nepal, Nigeria, Brazil and Israel were named the winners Thursday of this year’s Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “alternative Nobel,” for work that includes fighting to save the Amazon rain forest and bringing health care to Palestinians cut off from services.

Senegal’s scientists hope black-eyed peas used in recipes will help reduce cost of bread

Black-eyed peas ‘crop of the future’ for Senegal

Illegal occupiers in Zimbabwe kill hundreds of animals in nature reserve, say conservationists

Zimbabwe illegal occupiers destroy animal reserve

Text me UR … equations? SAfrican social networking site offers math tutoring via cellphone

SAfrican students study math via cellphone

Report: Wild monkeys sustain broken limbs from commercial trapping in island nation Mauritius

Report: Monkeys harmed by trappers in Mauritius

Global summit opens with calls to achieve goals to help world’s poorest by 2015 target

Global summit to fight poverty opens

UNITED NATIONS — A global summit has opened with calls to achieve U.N. goals to help the world’s poorest by the 2015 target.

Summit to spotlight how to achieve goals to help world’s poorest by 2015 target

Global spotlight on helping world’s poor

UNITED NATIONS — Ten years after world leaders set the most ambitious goals ever to tackle global poverty, they are meeting again to try to spur action to meet the targets by the 2015 deadline — which the U.N. says will be difficult, if not impossible, in some cases.

Researchers say 21 pct of freshwater species in northern Africa threatened with extinction

Report: N Africa fish threatened with extinction

Planned highway in Tanzania’s Serengeti criticized for effect on wildebeest, zebra migration

Wildebeest roadblock? Highway planned in Serengeti

Greenpeace touts renewable energy initiative to create jobs, solve SAfrica’s energy problems

Greenpeace pushes for renewable energy in SAfrica

Everglades, rainforests in Madagascar added to list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in danger

Everglades, Madagascar rain forest on UNESCO list

South African runaway tiger caught after 2 days on the run; tiger hungry and injured in escape

S. African tiger caught after 2 days on the run

Crews remove Gulf relief well plug, another step toward getting ready to kill it

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

BP tries to reinvent self with American CEO; Hayward agrees but grouses, ‘Life isn’t fair’

BP hopes to turn page with new CEO, leaner company

Botswana High Court denies Kalahari’s indigenous Bushmen water rights in their homeland

Court denies Kalahari Bushmen water rights

Heart transplant recipient’s efforts on Mt. Kenya, Africa’s 2nd-highest peak, foiled by cold

Heart transplant climber turned back on Mt. Kenya

AIDS breakthrough: African study offers hope to women by helping prevent HIV, herpes

AIDS breakthrough: Gel helps prevent infection

Swaziland rangers kill suspected game poacher, arrest suspected accomplice at nature reserve

Rangers kill a suspected poacher in Swaziland

Deep in Congo forest, exploding bushmeat trade threatens Pygmies’ way of life


Whaling commission conference ends in deadlock over hunting, calls for 1 year ‘pause’ in talks

Whaling meeting delays decision on hunting 1 year

Report: Pollutants taint whales even in remote regions, could threaten humans’ seafood supply

Report: Toxins found in whales bode ill for humans

Unexpected discovery of high heavy metal contamination of oceans causes health concerns

Danger at sea: Toxic metals threaten whales

Nations can’t agree on how to curb whaling; Japan can still raid marine sanctuary unchecked

Nations fail to limit whaling, Japan still hunts

Nations can’t agree on how to curb whale hunts; Japan blames anti-whaling nations

Nations fail to agree on curbing Japan whale hunt

Bribery or aid? Japan pays developing countries that support its positions at whaling meetings

Japanese vote buying is the buzz of whaling meet

Contentious whaling commission meeting holds 2 days of closed talks on suspending hunting ban

Whaling commission ponders suspending hunting ban

Ivory Coast minister accused of stealing compensation meant for victims of toxic waste spill

Ivory Coast minister investigated for corruption

UNESCO delays awarding contested prize named after president of Equatorial Guinea

UNESCO delays awarding contested prize

PARIS — The United Nations’ arm for education, science and culture decided Tuesday to delay awarding a prize that had outraged critics because it was named for Equatorial Guinea’s longtime dictator.

Tainted ponds kill cattle and children play in contaminated fields in Nigerian lead crisis

Environmental damage looms in Nigerian lead crisis

Gold, and lead, bring illness and death to poor villages in northern Nigeria

Gold, and lead, bring illness and death in Nigeria

CDC: Nigerian lead poisoning outbreak ‘unprecedented’ as doctors struggle to help ill children

CDC: Nigeria lead poisoning crisis ‘unprecedented’

Equatorial Guinea president defends UNESCO prize in his name that critics call disgrace

Equatorial Guinea defends UN prize critics blast

International Appalachian Train aims for Morocco, linking ancient mountains through Europe

Appalachian Trail to leap abroad toward Morocco

Actor Don Cheadle is named a goodwill ambassador for the UN’s environmental program

Actor Don Cheadle named goodwill ambassador for UN

Animals die as Zimbabwe’s Starvation Island lives up to its name, lake waters submerge it

Animals die, drown on Zimbabwe’s Starvation Island

Archaeologists discover 13th century BC ‘lost tomb’ of ancient Egyptian capital’s mayor

Ancient mayor’s ‘lost tomb’ found south of Cairo

Divers explore ruins of Cleopatra’s palace, temple complex, knocked into sea by earthquake

Divers explore sunken ruins of Cleopatra’s palace

Conservation group declares water bird in Madagascar extinct, 25 years after last sighting

Group: Madagascar bird declared extinct

GENEVA — Alien fish species and nylon nets have forced the extinction of a water bird in Madagascar, a conservation group said Wednesday.

South Africa’s neighboring countries hope to see more tourists as a result of World Cup

Neighboring countries hope for WCup tourism

Animal airlift to NKorea a business deal by cash-strapped Zimbabwe, say wildlife officials

Animals sent to NKorea for business, officials say

Royal Dutch Shell promises $2B project to cut gas flaring in Nigeria

Shell pledges $2B to cut gas flaring in Nigeria

Upriver Nile countries sign compact pitting the 4 countries against Egypt and Sudan

Upriver Nile countries sign compact for water use

Zimbabwean baby elephants won’t survive airlift into North Korea, conservationists warn

Dumbo drop: Zimbabwe to give NKorea baby elephants

You Neanderthal: New look at genome suggests some ancient interbreeding with modern humans

You’re a Neanderthal: Genes say yes _ a little bit

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