USDA inspection finds sick animals, unsanitary conditions at NC research lab targeted by PETA

USDA found problems at NC animal research lab

Fish and Wildlife Service rejects endangered species protection for Sacramento splittail fish

Interior denies protection for Calif. fish species

Canadian, US scientists to study potential damage to Great Lakes if Asian carp gain foothold

Canada joins US in Asian carp research project

Animal rights advocates try to block mustang roundup at wildlife refuge on Nev., Ore. border

Horse group tries to stop wildlife refuge roundup

NM governor feels the love from chimps as he pitches alternative in dispute over their future

Chimps’ future prompts debate over NM primate lab

Experts disagree on whether big farms are riskier, but agree egg recall shows potential danger

Experts say big egg farms can mean big problems

New ways to kill wolves sought despite species’ return to endangered list

Endangered or not, wolf killings set to expand

Some stem cell studies halted, others keep going pending Obama’s quick appeal of court setback

Barack Obama

‘Research hunt’ for wolves dropped after feds balk; Montana and Idaho explore other options

‘Research hunt’ for wolves dropped as feds balk

Report says performing animals in Chinese zoos, safari parks are routinely abused, neglected

Report: China zoos mistreat performing animals

Wildlife advocates say Rocky Mountain wolf ruling buys time to create a better management plan

Wildlife advocates hail Rocky Mountain wolf ruling

Judge orders endangered species protections reinstated for gray wolf in Montana and Idaho

Judge orders protections reinstated for gray wolf

Salazar task force finds big obstacles remain to logging in Western Oregon

Task force finds obstacles remain to Ore. logging

NJ approves hunt to thin black bear population after problems with aggressive animals

As NYC area spreads, so do bears; NJ hunt approved

Judge dismisses federal terror charges against animal rights activists accused in CA protests

Terror charges dismissed against animal activists

Montana sets 2010 hunt quota at 186 wolves; increase could lead to decline in wolf population

Montana sets wolf-hunt quota, awaits fed ruling

Bear on the loose, scenic area closed after Kentucky hiker survives rare black bear attack

Bear in first recorded Ky. attack still at large

US polar bear regulator acknowledges there’s little to do to stop loss of animals’ ice habitat

Polar bear overseer: few tools to stop melting ice

Alaska objects to size and cost of designating 187,000 square miles as habitat for polar bears

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Judge hears arguments on whether to restore federal protection for wolves in Montana, Idaho

Judge hears arguments in federal wolf case

Nebraska police say 34-year-old man dies after being strangled by his pet boa constrictor

Neb. man dies after being strangled by pet snake

Judge rules Forest Service failed to adequately protect Oregon steelhead streams from grazing

Judge: Cattle cannot muddy Ore. steelhead streams

Feds settle lawsuit seeking Endangered Species Act protections for 7 penguin species

Feds settle lawsuit over protection for penguins

Malaysian official defends animal test lab, says God made monkeys for experiments

Malaysian official: God made animals for testing

Malaysian minister sees no harm in animal test lab, says God made monkeys for experiments

Malaysia minister: God made animals for testing

4 lions freed under Bolivia circus ban fly to Bob Barker-financed refuge in California

Bolivia lions freed to Bob Barker-funded refuge

Feds change rules so farmers can kill non-migrating Canada geese faster, avoid loss of crops

Feds change rules so farmers can kill geese faster

Feds’ plan to protect endangered wild salmon in Columbia Basin says no major changes needed

Feds: No major changes for Columbia Basin salmon

Purdue researcher develops peaceful chickens to reduce ‘cannibalism’ in factory farm pens

Big pens breed chicken ‘cannibalism’ on egg farms

Future uncertain for dozens of wild creatures as Bolivia bans animals from circus exhibitions

Bolivia circus ban puts countless animals in limbo

Environmentalists vow to sue Interior Department for not listing sage grouse as endangered

Groups vow to sue because sage grouse unprotected

Horses go on wild gallop through San Diego County suburb before being coralled

Horses gallops through San Diego County suburb

Scientists photograph endangered right whale giving birth near proposed Navy training site

Endangered whale birth photos taken near Navy site

Deaths of research monkeys prompt calls for government crackdown

Research monkey deaths prompt calls for crackdown

Report: 11 rare Siberian tigers die from malnutrition at cash-strapped Chinese zoo

Chinese zoo blamed for death of 11 Siberian tigers

Wildlife officials haze, kill sea lions feasting on endangered salmon in Pacific Northwest

Sea lions killed for eating too many salmon

Residents, Human Society fight to clean huge Calif. chicken egg farm’s putrid waste lagoon

Residents fight to clean up Calif. chicken waste

US agency: Review will see if 82 coral species should be listed as endangered, threatened

US agency to review threats for 82 coral species

Broadcaster fined for animal cruelty in Australia after reality show contestants kill, eat rat

TV show fined in Australia for killing, eating rat

Federal BLM delays eastern Nevada wild horse roundup; advocates cite threat of lawsuit

BLM delays eastern Nevada wild horse roundup

Feds deny petition to make pika 1st animal in lower 48 states protected due to climate change

Federal agency denies protections for tiny pika

Humane Society asks people to donate fur coats to wild animal babies in need

Fur coats become animal nests in recycling bid

Hungry otters ignore “no-otter zone,” compete with S. California fishermen for shellfish

Hungry otters stray into fishermen’s territory

Federal investigators allege criminal wrongdoing in death of Arizona’s last known wild jaguar

Feds allege crime in death of wild jaguar in Ariz.

Conservationists threaten suit, urge US agency to protect 83 coral species from global warming

Enviro group: US must respond to coral concerns

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