POLITICAL INSIDER: Women’s group raises specter of ‘Speaker Boehner’ to motivate voters

POLITICAL INSIDER: Women’s group targets Boehner

Fish and Wildlife Service rejects endangered species protection for Sacramento splittail fish

Interior denies protection for Calif. fish species

Lieberman says efforts over health care, midterm politics killed energy bill

Lieberman: Health care, politics nixed energy bill

Test-tube baby pioneer Robert Edwards of Britain wins 2010 Nobel Prize in medicine

Nobel Prize given for test tube baby research

Japanese stem cell pioneer among possible candidates for Monday’s Nobel Prize in medicine

Stem cell pioneer mentioned for Nobel Prize

Obama lauds efforts on clean energy projects; GOP bemoans maxing out ‘national credit card’

Obama promotes clean energy; GOP hits Dem spending

Obama promotes investments in clean energy; GOP calls for extending Bush tax cuts

Obama promotes technology; GOP calls for tax cuts

Obama promotes investments in clean-energy technology he says will produce jobs for the future

Obama promotes clean-energy technology

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is promoting his administration’s investments in clean energy technologies like wind and solar, arguing they produce jobs and are essential for the country’s environment and economic security.

Farther on a gallon: New cars, trucks may have to improve to 62 mpg by 2025, government says

62 mpg for new cars? It’s the US target for 2025

Gov’t says fleet of new cars and trucks may have to improve to 62 mpg by 2025

Gov’t looking at 62 mpg goal for 2025 autos

AP Sources: Gov’t to say fleet of new cars and trucks may have to improve to 62 mpg by 2025

AP Sources: New vehicles could reach 62 mpg by ‘25

Wis. US Senate hopeful Johnson says global warming ‘unproven,’ shouldn’t dictate US policy

Wis. US Sen. hopeful: Global warming ‘unproven’

Should future cars average 60 mpg? Administration weighs mileage rules for 2017 and beyond

Gov’t weighs gas mileage rules for 2017 and beyond

ATK Aerospace Systems lays off 414 in Utah because of cutbacks, uncertainty in space program

Utah rocket contractor ATK lays off more workers

Congress backs Obama plan to revamp NASA spaceflight program, while extending space shuttle

Congress backs Obama plan on NASA’s future

Appeals court allows taxpayer funding for stem cell research to continue during court battle

Court OKs US-funded stem cell research for now

Obama administration says disruption of stem cell research would ruin taxpayer-funded projects

Appeals court considers ban on stem cell research

At UN, climate ministers remain deadlocked before next major summit in December

At UN, climate ministers seek way out of stalemate

EPA says 5 states must fortify their Chesapeake Bay restoration plans or face federal action

EPA: 5 states must toughen Chesapeake Bay plans

Otter ad says alternative energy is top priority, Allred says governor is greenwashing record

Allred says Otter energy ad greenwashes record

POLITICAL INSIDER: Palin urges backers to take aim at health overhaul’s supporters

POLITICAL INSIDER: Palin targets health overhaul

European nations reject German proposal to halt deep-sea drilling in Northeast Atlantic

European nations reject ban on deep-sea drilling

Two-day climate talks ‘constructive,’ but little hope looms for new global warming pact

Big powers talk climate, no grand deal sighted

Lawmakers say Congress must protect embryonic stem cell research in wake of court rulings

President Barack Obama

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Despite lobbying push, renewable energy goal stalls in Senate

The Dalai Lama

Specter seeks to sidestep court case by legalizing embryonic stem cell research

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Obama welcomes hybrid, electric car battery program funded by federal stimulus

President Barack Obama

Government says it’s back in business of funding embryonic stem cell research _ for now

Barack Obama

EPA officials tell Kan. legislators that state must get in line with new greenhouse gas rules

U.S. President Barack Obama

Federal judge turns down Justice Department’s request for stay on stem cell research order

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