Emmy Countdown: Fans wait in bleachers to see stars

Emmy Countdown: Fans wait to see stars

LOS ANGELES — Those who glide down the Emmy Awards’ red carpet are in designer dresses, designer jewelry and designer shoes, or tuxedos.

Jack Horkheimer, host of ‘Star Gazer’ who popularized naked-eye astronomy, dies at 72

‘Star Gazer’ host Jack Horkheimer dies at 72

Jay Leno takes standup act to Gulf Coast to help those affected by the oil spill

Jay Leno’s Miss. coast show to benefit fishermen

‘Avatar’ director James Cameron to celebrate his 56th birthday submerged in a submarine

James Cameron to celebrate his birthday underwater

‘Avatar’ director James Cameron, Earth Day group to plant 1M trees in 15 countries this year

James Cameron, Earth Day group to plant 1M trees

Alabama native Courteney Cox to do ad promoting the state’s beaches hit by oil from spill

Ala. native Courtney Cox to do beach spot

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Birmingham, Ala.-born actress Courteney Cox will do an ad touting the state’s beaches that were hit by oil from the Gulf spill.

Jack Hanna uses pepper spray to ward off grizzly bear that approached during hike in Montana

Jack Hanna wards off grizzly with pepper spray

Obese in outer space: Scientists discover massive star born 300 times as heavy as the sun

Scientists find most massive star ever discovered

Obama’s Maine vacation destination known as summer retreat for the well-heeled and well-known

President Barack Obama

Carcass found believed to be New Zealand’s friendly dolphin, Moko

New Zealand celebrity dolphin believed dead

Actor Don Cheadle is named a goodwill ambassador for the UN’s environmental program

Actor Don Cheadle named goodwill ambassador for UN

British physicist Stephen Hawking, black hole theorist, honored at celebrity-filled gala in NY

Stephen Hawking honored at NYC science, arts gala

Big donation from Hugh Hefner helps spare Hollywood sign from urban sprawl

Fundraising spares Hollywood sign from sprawl

Hefner helps group reach $12.5M goal to preserve land behind Hollywood sign

Group raises $12.5M goal for Hollywood sign land

AP Interview: James Cameron says hydroelectric dispute creates real-life ‘Avatar’ in Amazon

Cameron: Amazon dam dispute a real-life ‘Avatar’

President Barack Obama says he’ll appoint Muhammad Ali’s wife to bioethical issue commission

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Unlucky streak continues for Frank Sinatra’s old casino resort at Lake Tahoe

Casino at ex-Rat Pack hangout closes at Tahoe

Camilla won’t join Prince Charles to view Polish bison because of back pain

Prince Charles views Polish bison, without Camilla

Specially delivered icebergs on set of Chanel’s climate change chic show

Chanel does climate change, with real icebergs

Oscar day has arrived! After all the anticipation, it’s time for the 82nd Academy Awards

After much anticipation, it’s finally Oscar time

Aaron Cohen, former head of Johnson Space Center, pioneer of shuttle program, dies in Texas

Former head of Johnson Space Center dies in Texas

Elizabeth Banks helps the Oscars honor the nerds of filmmaking at Sci-Tech ceremony

Motion picture academy honors nerds of filmmaking

DNA studies reveal a frail King Tut who died at 19 from a broken leg complicated by malaria

A frail King Tut died from malaria, broken leg

Attention Vogue subscribers: that e-mail from Tina Fey in your inbox is for real

Vogue uses celebs to send e-mails to subscribers

Givenchy delivers dark, subversive circus looks, while Chanel is all sunshine and light

Givenchy, a dark circus; for Chanel, sweet pastels

After campaigning for Obama, Sheryl Crow at odds over his administration’s wild-horse plan

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