Recent winners of the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine

Recent winners of the Nobel Prize in medicine

Wis. Senate hopeful Johnson opposes federal funding for research on embryonic stem cells

Johnson opposes funding for embryonic stem cells

Scientists say they’ve found more efficient way to make alternative to embryonic stem cells

Study shows progress with stem cell alternative

Appeals court allows taxpayer funding for stem cell research to continue during court battle

Court OKs US-funded stem cell research for now

Obama administration says disruption of stem cell research would ruin taxpayer-funded projects

Appeals court considers ban on stem cell research

Lawmakers say Congress must protect embryonic stem cell research in wake of court rulings

President Barack Obama

Specter seeks to sidestep court case by legalizing embryonic stem cell research

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak

Government says it’s back in business of funding embryonic stem cell research _ for now

Barack Obama

Court allows funding of embryonic stem cell research for now, but projects still uncertain

Embryonic stem cell funding allowed - for now

Appeals judges temporarily allow federal funding of stem cell research

Appeals court allows stem cell funding for now

Justice Department asks appeals court for stay on judge’s stem cell research order

Court asked to keep stem cell money flowing

Federal judge turns down Justice Department’s request for stay on stem cell research order

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
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Stem cell researcher, Brazilian mathematician and father of micro-history win Balzan prizes

Japanese stem cell researcher wins Balzan prize

Obama administration asks judge to reconsider ruling blocking stem cell research

The Dalai Lama

Some stem cell studies stop as researchers await Obama administration appeal of court ruling

President Barack Obama

Some stem cell studies halted, others keep going pending Obama’s quick appeal of court setback

Barack Obama

White House considering options after judge bars stem cell work under Obama policy

President Barack Obama speaks briefly on Afghanistan

Judge temporarily blocks Obama administration stem cell regulations

Obama stem cell regulations temporarily blocked

British scientists develop gel that could speed healing of chronic wounds, ulcers and injuries

New gel could speed wound healing

LONDON — For three years, Connie McPherson had debilitating leg ulcers that were so painful she sometimes couldn’t sleep. Despite repeated surgery, antibiotics, steroids and other treatments, nothing helped.

Beware of unproven stem cell treatments: Check these websites for safe, accredited testing

Caution: Here’s advice on legit stem cell clinics

Adult stem cell studies abound for heart, diabetes, MS; far ahead of embryonic research

Adult stem cell research far ahead of embryonic

Geron says FDA will allow embryonic stem cell study; safety concerns caused 11-month delay

Geron says FDA lifts hold on stem cell trial

Unexpected discovery of high heavy metal contamination of oceans causes health concerns

Danger at sea: Toxic metals threaten whales

The stuff of miracles: Stem cell transplants reverse blindness caused by chemical burns

Stem cells reverse blindness caused by burns

Not quite new life but a step that way: Scientists make a synthetic cell using manmade DNA

President Barack Obama

HEALTHBEAT: Trying less intense bone marrow transplants to treat sickle cell, other disorders

Easing bone marrow transplants to widen their use

Federal office rules against University of Wisconsin in fight over stem cell patent

Wisconsin loses round in stem cell patent battle

Radioactive material in scrapyard that killed 1 person traced to university lab in India

Radioactive material in scrapyard in India kills 1

Researchers test if airway swab could predict which smokers are at highest risk of lung cancer

Developing test to warn smokers of cancer danger

LG Chem Ltd. says it will make battery cells for electric vehicles at Holland, Mich. plant

LG Chem Ltd. to make battery cells in Holland, MI

Osiris says Prochymal met goals as treatment for children with graft vs. host disease

Osiris says stem cell therapy meets study goals

Scientists discover genes that lead to stuttering; the finding could ease parents’ guilt

Scientists find first genes linked to stuttering

With redhead hue on its tail feathers, small dinosaur from China shows first evidence of color

Dino tail feathers were carrot colored, study says

Geron reports anticancer activity in preclinical study on developing drug imetelstat

Geron sees anticancer activity in lab study

Scientists think they’ve found origin of bizarre cancer that’s wiping out Tasmanian devils

Scientists find clue to killer of Tasmanian devils

Social services, bio-research survive Conn. budget cut plan, but Gov. Rell has yet to sign it

Social services survive Conn. budget axe _ for now

Athersys signs development deal with Pfizer for stem cell drug, receiving $6 million upfront

Athersys signs development deal with Pfizer

Nobel Prizes honor a record 5 women in 2009 for chromosome research, economics and literature

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