As deadline nears, Capitol Christmas Tree in dire need of more ornaments from Wyo. residents

Forest Service to Wyoming: Make more ornaments

Some Western senators sponsor bill to exempt wolves from federal protections

Bill would exempt wolves from federal protection

Apprehension tinges optimism while companies rush to drill for new Western oil

Optimism, worries amid new rush to tap oil in West

Wyoming governor tells EPA state law prevents greenhouse gas regulations sought by feds

Governor to EPA: Wyo can’t regulate greenhouse gas

Yellowstone sets summer visitation record, on track for 2nd year in a row of record tourism

Yellowstone breaks record for summer visitors

Local BLMs to decide whether to limit access to caves, mines to prevent spread of bat disease

BLM: Bat disease plan depends on local offices

Wildlife advocates say Rocky Mountain wolf ruling buys time to create a better management plan

Wildlife advocates hail Rocky Mountain wolf ruling

Judge orders endangered species protections reinstated for gray wolf in Montana and Idaho

Judge orders protections reinstated for gray wolf

Environmental groups file protests against 64 of 76 leases to be offered at BLM auction

Groups protest 64 of 76 leases at Wyo. BLM auction

Environmental group files lawsuit hoping to block Wyoming-to-Oregon pipeline

Group sues over Wyoming-to-Oregon gas pipeline

Oil-gas backlog breaking loose with 145 leases issued in Wyoming

Movement in Western oil-gas lease backlog in Wyo.

Holy spelunker: Forest Service closes caves, mines in 5 more states to fight bat fungus

Holy spelunker: Caves closed to fight bat fungus

Holy spelunker: Forest Service closes its caves, mines in 5 states to fight bat fungus

Forest Service closes caves to fight bat fungus

Not just the Gulf: Environmentalists tell Congress onshore drilling also needs more oversight

Environmentalists: Don’t overlook onshore drilling

Flights document 1 million acres of dead whitebark pine in and around Yellowstone

Study: Yellowstone-area whitebark toll 1M acres

Report: Bear warning signs removed at mauling site near Yellowstone, but victim knew danger

Report: Warning signs removed at griz mauling site

Federal agency approves $3 billion gas pipeline running from Wyoming to Oregon

$3B gas pipeline from Wyo. to. Ore. gets feds’ OK

EPA almost done drilling 2 monitoring wells in Pavillion area, meeting pushed back

EPA finishing up Pavillion-area monitoring wells

Grizzly kills man near Wyoming’s Yellowstone, apparently after being tranquilized for study

Grizzly kills man near Wyoming’s Yellowstone park

Grizzly kills man outside Yellowstone, apparently soon after being tranquilized for study

Grizzly kills man near Yellowstone

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A grizzly bear killed a man just outside Yellowstone National Park, apparently just hours after researchers had trapped and tranquilized the animal.

Construction begins on Cheyenne-area supercomputer that will study climate

Construction begins on supercomputer near Cheyenne

Wyoming regulators approve rules requiring oil, gas drillers to disclose ‘fracking’ chemicals

Wyoming approves ‘fracking’ disclosure rules

Warm weather spur grasshoppers to hatch; aerial pesticide spraying begins in Wyoming

Grasshopper spraying begins as pest species hatch

Record $32.3M in Wyo. oil-gas leases auctioned off amid talk of oil play in eastern region

Amid talk of oil play, Wyo. nets record lease sale

Environmental groups sue in Washington, D.C., over BLM plan allowing Wyoming drilling

Groups sue over BLM plan allowing Wyoming drilling

BLM decides on insecticide spraying to treat possible grasshopper outbreak on lands in Wyoming

BLM decides on spraying strategy for grasshoppers

Environmental group sues Interior secretary over Wyoming coal leasing, citing climate change

Enviro group sues Interior over Wyo. coal leasing

Wyoming environmental agency proceeds with uranium permits despite EPA groundwater concerns

Wyo. OK’ing uranium permits despite EPA concerns

Fish and Wildlife decides against federal protection for Wyoming pocket gopher

Feds: Wyo. pocket gopher listing not warranted

Gas industry, environmentalists await endangered species decision for Wyoming pocket gopher

Decision nears on protecting Wyoming pocket gopher

Environmentalists vow to sue Interior Department for not listing sage grouse as endangered

Groups vow to sue because sage grouse unprotected

Petroleum groups relieved sage grouse won’t be listed as threatened or endangered in West

Energy groups relieved sage grouse won’t be listed

Sage grouse won’t be listed as threatened or endangered; a boost to wind and petro in the West

Grouse won’t be listed as endangered or threatened

Sage grouse won’t be listed as threatened or endangered, to join candidates for protection

Interior: Grouse listing warranted but precluded

Finding on sage grouse could significantly affect renewable energy, oil and gas, in West

Interior to announce sage grouse finding Friday

Wyoming debates first-of-its-kind excise tax on wind energy production on its plains, plateaus

Windy Wyoming debates excise tax for wind energy

Gas industry says it’s fighting smog in Wyoming; compliance with proposed smog rule to be seen

Gas industry says trying to reduce smog in Wyoming

Wyoming oil, gas group says sage grouse measures could mean drilling delays, higher costs

Industry: Grouse measures could mean delays, costs

US agency issues guidelines to field offices in Wyoming for protecting sage grouse

BLM sends Wyo. guidelines to protect sage grouse

Proposed $2.7 billion plant to make gasoline from Wyoming coal gains governor’s support

Plans progress for Wyoming coal-to-gasoline plant

BLM to field offices: Mark fences to make them more visible to sage grouse, other species

BLM to field offices: Mark fences for sage grouse

Environmentalists critical of plan for national parks to share any profits from research

Groups criticize Park Service profit-sharing plan

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