Cuba to build docks, new terminal by 2014 as part of plan to modernize Soviet-era oil refinery

Cuba to add new docks, terminal at Cienfuegos port

Cuban media shows photos of Fidel Castro in public again, this time at national aquarium

Fidel Castro in public again, at aquarium

HAVANA — There’s just no keeping Fidel Castro at home these days.

Freed Cuban prisoners tell of cells with rats, roaches and disease outbreaks

Cuba prisoners shared cells with rats, roaches

Fidel Castro speaks slowly, but appears relaxed in most prominent TV interview in years

Castro speaks slowly, seems relaxed in interview

Fidel Castro suddenly back in view with new photos, Cuban TV appearance

Fidel Castro suddenly back in view on Cuban TV

Cuban media: Fidel Castro to take part in local news program for first time in 4 years

Fidel Castro to appear on Cuban television program

Complaints allege psychologists had role in Guantanamo detainee abuse

Psychologists face Guantanamo abuse claim

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two Army psychologists helped perpetrate abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay including sleep deprivation and sexual humiliation, according to complaints filed Wednesday by human rights groups trying to have the psychologists’ state licenses revoked.

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