China, US harden positions as progress stalls in climate talks

Little progress seen in climate talks in China

Confident China boosts standing at climate talks by showcasing energy efforts

China highlights climate change efforts

TIANJIN, China — As the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer, China was widely seen as an obstacle in the Copenhagen climate summit last year. But while negotiations inched forward, Beijing poured $34.6 billion into clean energy in 2009, nearly double the U.S. investment.

Limited progress being made in climate talks in China as rich, poor countries remain divided

Limited progress in climate talks in China

Delegates to climate change talks told to search for common ground before Cancun summit

Delegates told to ID achievable goals on climate

Climate change talks in China seek to narrow gap before year-end Cancun summit

Climate change talks open in China

TIANJIN, China — The U.N. climate chief urged countries Monday to identify achievable goals for fighting climate change ahead of a year-end meeting in Mexico, after last year’s Copenhagen summit failed to produce binding limits on greenhouse gas.

China says countries to focus on reducing differences at climate talks next week

China says climate talks to focus on differences

At UN, climate ministers remain deadlocked before next major summit in December

At UN, climate ministers seek way out of stalemate

Two-day climate talks ‘constructive,’ but little hope looms for new global warming pact

Big powers talk climate, no grand deal sighted

UN climate chief urges countries to be flexible in next month’s talks in China

UN climate chief urges flexibility in talks

Greenpeace activists block Scottish firm from drilling off Greenland

Greenpeace blocks Greenland drilling

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Greenpeace forced a Scottish company to stop drilling off Greenland on Tuesday by having four activists climb onto an oil rig.

Scottish company announces Greenland gas find as Greenpeace warns against damanging oil rush

Greenland gas find fuels environmental worries

Greenpeace warns of damaging oil rush after company finds signs of hydrocarbons near Greenland

Greenpeace warns of oil rush risk to Greenland

Mood pessimistic at prospect for climate deal this year, charges of reneging on summit deal

Climate talks appear to slip backward

BONN, Germany — Global climate talks appeared to have slipped backward after five days of negotiations in Bonn, with rich and poor countries exchanging charges of reneging on agreements they made last year to contain greenhouse gases.

US pessimistic at prospect for climate deal this year, says countries reneging on summit deal

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UN panel explores new taxes, incentives to raise $100 billion for annual climate change fund

UN panel: New taxes needed for a climate fund

US tells climate negotiators it will stick to carbon emissions reduction pledge

US President Barack Obama

Failure of US climate bill shadows UN global warming talks, deepens rich-poor country divide

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Dutch agency takes blame for error in UN report, but says climate change is already happening

Dutch agency admits mistake in UN climate report

Italy sees possibility of intermediate steps at next UN climate summit in Mexico

US President Barack Obama welcomes Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
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Stranded whale in Denmark dies, to be dissected for analysis

Stranded Danish whale dies

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A fin whale that was stranded in a Danish fjord for days has died and scientists were trying to pinpoint the cause, they said Monday.

Developing nations, environmentalists not impressed with new climate change proposal in Bonn

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New UN climate chief says nations have no choice but to take action against global warming

New climate chief: ‘no option’ but to take action

First Obama climate report to UN projects 4 percent emissions rise by 2012

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Squabbling marks first day of new UN climate talks in Germany

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United Nations kicks off new round of difficult climate talks in Bonn

New round of climate talks kicks off in Germany

Rich countries pledge $4B to stop deforestation in developing world

Rich countries pledge $4B to stop deforestation

International meeting to enact deforestation measures opens in Oslo

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German pledge boosts UN program to $4 bln for protecting world’s forests on eve of conference

Germany to help fund UN program to protect forests

Germany and Norway pledge $1.5 bln to fight deforestation on eve of conference

Germany, Norway give $1.5B to fight deforestation

UN climate chief reminds rich countries of promised billions in help for poor nations

UN reminds rich countries of climate promises

UN study finds some evidence of cell phone link to cancer _ but results inconclusive

Study on cell phone link to cancer inconclusive

UN secretary-general names Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica as new UN climate chief

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Global climate change talks at a ‘dead end’ because of US, China reluctance: Indian minister

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Bolivian-led indigenous movement presses for role, emissions cuts in climate talks

Bolivian movement pushes for role in climate talks

Germany, Mexico see progress at climate meeting of some 40 nations

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