Stop to go! Philly transit agency to store trains’ braking energy, save it for power later

Stop to go! Philly trains to recycle brake energy

Federal Trade Commission proposes changes to guidelines on marketing “eco-friendly” products

FTC: “Eco-friendly” isn’t always consumer friendly

Hush! Frito-Lay to pull most of its noisy SunChips bags, go back to original after complaints

Summary Box: Frito-Lay to pull noisy SunChips bags

Hush! Frito-Lay to pull noisy SunChips bags, go back to original after complaints

Hush! Frito-Lay to pull most noisy SunChips bags

Procter & Gamble offers residents rewards to take part in hometown Cincinnati’s recycling

P&G backs Cincinnati recycling plan

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble Co. will back its corporate hometown’s expanded recycling with discounts on P&G products and by supporting an environmental rewards effort with other companies.

GE launching mobile device to help recycle water exposed to controversial gas drilling process

GE launches device to recycle fracking water

Taiwan charity delivers eco-blankets to disaster victims in Haiti, soon in Pakistan

Taiwan charity sends eco-friendly blankets as aid

California once a leader in waste-to-energy technology has fallen behind the rest of the world

Greenest state behind the waste-to-energy race

Calif. lawmakers reject ban on plastic shopping bags, which critics say are major pollutant

Calif. rejects ban on plastic shopping bags

Paper or … ? California lawmakers to decide whether state should ban plastic shopping bags

Calif. bill seeks to ban plastic shopping bags

Senate sends Schwarzenegger bill to delay nation’s first energy-efficiency TV standards

Bill delays Calif’s TV energy-efficiency standards

Obama getting in another round of presidential golf amid low-key Martha’s Vineyard vacation

News Pres Obama Healthcare

UN board to investigate complaints, could rein in $2.7 billion carbon market

UN board could rein in $2.7 billion carbon market

Greenpeace touts renewable energy initiative to create jobs, solve SAfrica’s energy problems

Greenpeace pushes for renewable energy in SAfrica

NH’s Timberland to expand environmental impact ratings to all footwear by 2012

NH’s Timberland to expand eco-friendly footwear

Republicans running for Ga. gov support nuclear power; Deal calls for recycling fuel rods


Stanford study: Traditional farming’s high production protects land, limits greenhouse gases

Study claims conventional ag limits greenhouse gas

Project uses kelp, fish guts to improve Alaska’s rocky soil, help far-north gardeners

Project helps Alaskans spice up soil

PALMER, Alaska — While Alaska has abundant natural resources, soil that’s good for gardening isn’t among them.

Boat made of 12,500 plastic bottles completes 4-month journey across Pacific Ocean

Boat of plastic bottles ends 4-month Pacific sail

Boat made of 12,500 plastic bottles arrives in Sydney after 4-month journey across Pacific

Boat made of plastic bottles arrives in Sydney

Kodiak processor will tout green energy connection _ wind power _ on its salmon labels

Kodiak plant to tout sustainable energy tie

Pactiv invests $14.5 million in compostable takeout container production in Minnesota

Pactiv invests $14.5M in takeout container project

California boosts enforcement of organic rules in effort to fight fraud at farmers markets

Calif. aims to boost enforcement of organic rules

EPA’s “Energy Star” label graces churches as congregations practice stewardship they preach

“Energy Star” label graces churches for efficiency

Never drag a bag of old clothes through the subway again, bins to be provided

New York to implement clothing recycling program

UN report fuels charges of manipulation in $2.7 billion carbon-cutting market

UN report fuels criticism of carbon-cutting scheme

Report: Agricultural research too focused on food production, needs to consider consequences

Report: Ag research too focused on food production

What a view: Subway in the sky feeds workers building signature skyscraper at NY’s ground zero

Subway in the sky atop NY ground zero construction

As interest in homegrown food grows, more companies develop technology for rooftop gardens

More companies create tools for rooftop gardening

Lights out! Ikea to phase out incandescent bulbs at US stores Aug. 1, ahead of target

Ikea to start phasing out incandescent light bulbs

The Agriculture Department is banning a food inspector from certifying organic food in China

Ag Dept to drop organic food inspector in China

New NY e-waste law requires manufacturers to set up free, easy consumer electronics recycling

NY joins 22 other states with e-waste laws

Reducing waste to nothing through buying bulk, refills and reusable bags moves into mainstream

Zero-waste living moves into mainstream

When she goes to the supermarket, Bea Johnson brings along a sealable glass jar so the butcher can slide in a pork cutlet. In the bulk aisle, she fills reusable bags she makes from old bed sheets to carry rice, pasta, oatmeal or nuts.

Calif. moves to ban plastic bags at grocery stores, encourages shoppers to bring own bags

Calif. moves to ban plastic bags at grocery stores

New Mexico launches ecotourism initiative to promote adventure, cultural heritage

Ecotourism aims to broaden New Mexico’s appeal

Butchers say business has grown as more people want to meet the people who provide their meat

Local food movement boost local butchers’ business

Detroit nonprofit, Triscuit build new community gardens as part of national urban ag effort

Detroit group, Triscuit partner on urban gardens

Cities where nonprofit Urban Farming, Kraft Foods brand Triscuit plan community gardens

Cities where Urban Farming, Triscuit plan gardens

Chinese scientists say cigarette butts can help prevent steel from corroding

China scientists say cigarette butts protect steel

House passes bill to provide rebates for energy-saving home improvements

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