China, US harden positions as progress stalls in climate talks

Little progress seen in climate talks in China

Doe Run to pay $65 million to clean up lead waste in southeast Missouri

Mo. company to pay $65M to cleanup lead sites

Confident China boosts standing at climate talks by showcasing energy efforts

China highlights climate change efforts

TIANJIN, China — As the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer, China was widely seen as an obstacle in the Copenhagen climate summit last year. But while negotiations inched forward, Beijing poured $34.6 billion into clean energy in 2009, nearly double the U.S. investment.

Federal officials deny Montana’s request to hold a ‘conservation hunt’ for endangered wolves

Federal officials deny Montana’s wolf hunt request

Study calls for efforts to make America a quieter place, admits it will take time

Report: Can’t we all just quiet down a little

Biologists celebrate 100 endangered Calif. condors now flying where species once reigned

100 endangered Calif. condors flying wild in state

Limited progress being made in climate talks in China as rich, poor countries remain divided

Limited progress in climate talks in China

Environmentalists fret about future development at NY’s Plum Island as plans to sell proceed

Environmentalists get rare look at island off NY

Ballot effort to suspend Calif. greenhouse gas law raises $5.2M, nearly all from oil industry

Oil industry aids effort to suspend CA climate law

Fish and Wildlife Service rejects endangered species protection for Sacramento splittail fish

Interior denies protection for Calif. fish species

Lieberman says efforts over health care, midterm politics killed energy bill

Lieberman: Health care, politics nixed energy bill

Delegates to climate change talks told to search for common ground before Cancun summit

Delegates told to ID achievable goals on climate

Climate change talks in China seek to narrow gap before year-end Cancun summit

Climate change talks open in China

TIANJIN, China — The U.N. climate chief urged countries Monday to identify achievable goals for fighting climate change ahead of a year-end meeting in Mexico, after last year’s Copenhagen summit failed to produce binding limits on greenhouse gas.

Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves after courts block public hunts

Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves

Farther on a gallon: New cars, trucks may have to improve to 62 mpg by 2025, government says

62 mpg for new cars? It’s the US target for 2025

Gov’t says fleet of new cars and trucks may have to improve to 62 mpg by 2025

Gov’t looking at 62 mpg goal for 2025 autos

AP Sources: Gov’t to say fleet of new cars and trucks may have to improve to 62 mpg by 2025

AP Sources: New vehicles could reach 62 mpg by ‘25

Hybrids and electrics ooze innovation, but combustion engines give more bang for the buck

At Paris, conventional engines still going strong

APNewsBreak: Regional EPA official commends NM effort to establish cap-and-trade program

APNewsBreak: EPA official praises NM emission plan

Wis. US Senate hopeful Johnson says global warming ‘unproven,’ shouldn’t dictate US policy

Wis. US Sen. hopeful: Global warming ‘unproven’

AP source: In reversal, EPA proposes to regulate toxic chemical in drinking water

AP source: EPA seeks to regulate chemical in water

GE launching mobile device to help recycle water exposed to controversial gas drilling process

GE launches device to recycle fracking water

Michigan regulators reach deal with Upper Peninsula mines over leaks from waste rock pipelines

Mines, Michigan regulators reach deal on cleanup

Some Western senators sponsor bill to exempt wolves from federal protections

Bill would exempt wolves from federal protection

EPA slaps $15 million fine on BP for Texas City refinery Clean Air Act violations

EPA fines BP $15 million for Texas City violations

Should future cars average 60 mpg? Administration weighs mileage rules for 2017 and beyond

Gov’t weighs gas mileage rules for 2017 and beyond

Ancient penguin stood 5 feet and fossil feathers show brown and gray color, clues to evolution

Giant penguins with no tux? Fossil feathers say so

Automakers look to cleaner cars, keep costs in mind for penny-pinching consumers at Paris show

3 C’s for Paris cars: Clean, Cheap and China

Pa. DEP chief targets Texas driller for gas-tainted water fix, urges calm in tense Dimock

Pa. DEP targets Texas driller for tainted water

Automakers bet on green technologies, tilt toward China boom at Paris auto show

Automakers go green, sleek at Paris car show

Texas environmental regulators award air permit to contentious Gulf coal-fired plant

Texas regulators give permit to Gulf coal plant

Automakers aim to electrify Paris crowds with hybrid, battery powered cars after 2-year slump

Emissions rules hang over Paris car show

PARIS — European car makers are looking to a bevy of fuel-efficient, lower-emissions models going on display at the Paris Auto Show this week to weather a depressed market and tough new EU pollution standards.

China says countries to focus on reducing differences at climate talks next week

China says climate talks to focus on differences

Developing nations push for greater South-South cooperation, fighting climate change

G-77 calls for greater South-South cooperation

Hovering above, scientists use zeppelin to film whales in Washington state

Scientists use hovering zeppelin to film whales

Montana, Idaho would kill up to 236 endangered wolves under plans submitted to feds

Montana, Idaho send wolf hunting plans to feds

Schwarzenegger blasts oil companies backing ballot initiative to suspend Calif. climate law

Schwarzenegger blasts big oil, defends climate law

Hundreds rally against mountaintop mining in nation’s capital

Hundreds rally against mountaintop mining in D.C.

Britain: New generation of nuclear power plants needed to help reach climate goals

UK: New nuclear plants needed to reach green goals

At UN, climate ministers remain deadlocked before next major summit in December

At UN, climate ministers seek way out of stalemate

EPA says 5 states must fortify their Chesapeake Bay restoration plans or face federal action

EPA: 5 states must toughen Chesapeake Bay plans

POLITICAL INSIDER: Palin urges backers to take aim at health overhaul’s supporters

POLITICAL INSIDER: Palin targets health overhaul

Calif. regulators to vote on nation’s most aggressive renewable energy standards

Calif voting on most aggressive energy standard

State air regulators require Calif. utilities to get a third of electricity from renewables

Calif. wants third of its power renewable by 2020

Launch now set for Saturday for US satellite that will monitor clutter in Earth orbit

Launch set for US satellite to monitor space junk

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