Hoppy, high-alcohol India Pale Ales reign supreme with American brewers and drinkers

In American craft brewing, IPAs reign supreme

Bogus honey peddlers beware: More states are cracking down on sale of ‘funny honey’

States expand efforts to combat ‘funny honey’

Genetically altered salmon is only the beginning; more engineered animals, food are to come

Genetically altered salmon? It doesn’t stop there

Farmers say dust part of rural life, await EPA rules others believe needed to protect health

Farmers fear dust rules won’t reflect rural life

Idaho foliage defies idea that autumn color is something only found in the East

Idaho in the fall: A subtle beauty all its own

At a glance: What’s on the list for Whole Foods’ new seafood guidelines

At a glance: Whole Foods’ seafood guidelines

In Arctic Circle, chefs dine and draw attention to how the environment is changing our food

Drawing inspiration from, attention to, wild eats

Like a cranberry cocktail, biking on Cape Cod in the fall is cool and colorful

Cape Cod’s scenic _ and mostly flat! _ bike trails

Whole Foods puts new seafood ratings in stores to help shoppers select sustainable fish

Whole Foods to post seafood environmental ratings

Chefs, foodies seek the newest thing in food in oldest way: foraging for roots, flowers, nuts

Foodies turn to foraging to connect with nature

Experts disagree on whether big farms are riskier, but agree egg recall shows potential danger

Experts say big egg farms can mean big problems

Need to bounce back from big workout? Experts say milk better than sports drinks for recovery

Milk does a body good, especially athletes

22 Komodo dragons hatch this month at Los Angeles Zoo, boost to the endangered species

Los Angeles Zoo is home to 22 baby Komodo dragons

Growers say USDA must act soon after judge’s ruling raises questions about US sugar supply

Growers: USDA must act, prevent sugar supply issue

Culinary traditions are challenged as Hong Kongers wage campaign against eating shark’s fin

Hong Kongers campaign against eating shark’s fin

Rogue Italian farmer sows more debate over genetically modified foods with 2 fields of corn

Italian farmer pushes genetically modified crops

Culinary traditions are challenged as Hong Kongers wage campaign against shark fin

Hong Kongers wage campaign against shark fin

Judge revokes government’s approval of genetically altered sugar beets until further review

Judge’s ruling uproots use of biotechnology beets

Calif. raw almond producers fight federal regulations, say rules aimed at safety aren’t needed

Raw almond producers fight fed rules

FRESNO, Calif. — Glenn Anderson decided to make a change when he followed in his father’s footsteps by growing almonds near the Central Valley town of Hilmar — he stopped using pesticides and pasteurizing the nuts.

Feds get Hawaii sugar plantation’s help to power Navy, shift away from fossil fuels

Hawaii sugar grower working to power Navy

HONOLULU — The federal government has turned to a 130-year-old Hawaii sugar grower for help in powering the Navy and weaning the nation off a heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

China looks to US, others for more corn to feed livestock; food prices could rise worldwide

US farmers hope to soon sell more corn to China

Utah state board turns back environmental groups’ legal challenge, upholds strip mine

Utah board upholds strip mine near national park

Stanford study: Traditional farming’s high production protects land, limits greenhouse gases

Study claims conventional ag limits greenhouse gas

Last harvest: After 378 years in business, NH family farm is up for sale. Asking price? $3.35M

After 378 years, NH family farm goes up for sale

Project uses kelp, fish guts to improve Alaska’s rocky soil, help far-north gardeners

Project helps Alaskans spice up soil

PALMER, Alaska — While Alaska has abundant natural resources, soil that’s good for gardening isn’t among them.

Boulder means hiking, biking, Chautauqua and the Brew Bus

Boulder in summer: Hiking, performances and beer

Calif. dairy owners promote benefits of camel milk despite federal sales ban

Dairy owners promote camel milk benefits

LOS ANGELES — To milk a camel, you need warm hands, a gentle touch and quick timing — camels give milk only in 90-second bursts.

California boosts enforcement of organic rules in effort to fight fraud at farmers markets

Calif. aims to boost enforcement of organic rules

After decades of work, Diana Kennedy says more still needed to protect native foods, recipes

Queen of Mexican cuisine pens new cookbook

Feds invest millions to keep groceries open as many rural residents face long drives for food

Grocery closings leave rural residents few options

What a view: Subway in the sky feeds workers building signature skyscraper at NY’s ground zero

Subway in the sky atop NY ground zero construction

As Roundup resistant weeds develop, farmers face return to tilling, use of harsher chemicals

Roundup resistant weeds pose environmental threat

Food-frying grease in Anchorage turned into biodiesel for Alaska Waste trucks

Waste Anchorage grease turned into biodiesel

As interest in homegrown food grows, more companies develop technology for rooftop gardens

More companies create tools for rooftop gardening

The Agriculture Department is banning a food inspector from certifying organic food in China

Ag Dept to drop organic food inspector in China

Calif. farmer sells rice directly to consumers, giving identity to usually nameless item

Calif. farmer creating identity for his rice

Minnesota researchers look to produce fertilizer from wind using eco-friendly system

Minnesota plant will produce fertilizer from wind

Paper industry to plant test forests of genetically altered eucalyptus in 7 Southern states

Paper industry tests genetically altered trees

Michelle Obama recruits nation’s top chefs to take her calorie-cutting campaign to schoolkids

Michelle Obama calls on top chefs to inspire kids

No more eating shark fin in Hawaii: 50th state becomes first in nation to ban shark fin

No more eating shark fin in Hawaii after new law

Scientists: Gulf oil spill surpasses Exxon Valdez as worst in US history; plug try going well

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