Burger King to stop buying palm oil from Indonesian company accused of rainforest destruction

Burger King to stop buying oil from Indonesian co.

Record gold prices draw hundreds of small miners, pose big threat to South American rainforest

Gold rush is growing threat to Suriname rainforest

Illegal logging declines in Mexican Monarch butterfly reserve, but butterfly numbers drop

Logging down in Mexican Monarch butterfly reserve

New monkey species discovered in Colombia’s Amazon; researchers say it’s threatened by logging

New Amazon monkey species discovered in Colombia

Scientists challenge notion that orangutans are the ’solitary ape’

New research suggests orangutans not so solitary

Greenpeace hangs huge banner from Polish ministry calling for protection of virgin forest

Greenpeace hangs banner on Polish ministry

Everglades, rainforests in Madagascar added to list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in danger

Everglades, Madagascar rain forest on UNESCO list

58 US reps sign letter opposing Sealaska lands bill

US reps sign letter against Sealaska lands bill

Holy spelunker: Forest Service closes caves, mines in 5 more states to fight bat fungus

Holy spelunker: Caves closed to fight bat fungus

Holy spelunker: Forest Service closes its caves, mines in 5 states to fight bat fungus

Forest Service closes caves to fight bat fungus

Salazar task force finds big obstacles remain to logging in Western Oregon

Task force finds obstacles remain to Ore. logging

Wide-eyed, forest-dwelling primate feared extinct for over 60 years photographed in Sri Lanka

Rare Sri Lankan primate gets 1st wide-eyed closeup

Primate feared extinct for over 60 years photographed in Sri Lanka

Primate feared extinct photographed in Sri Lanka

Deep in Congo forest, exploding bushmeat trade threatens Pygmies’ way of life


APNewsBreak: 8 Alaska towns urge Murkowski to withdraw bill privatizing national forest land

APNewsBreak: 8 AK towns seek to withdraw land bill

Group claims feds are failing to protect Mexican spotted owl in Arizona, New Mexico

Group: Feds fail to protect Mexican spotted owl

Visitors to east Texas’ Caddo Lake find ‘hauntingly beautiful’ tree-lined waterways

Texas’ mystical Caddo Lake beckons visitors

Massachusetts study finds wood-burning power plants release more carbon than coal over time

Mass. study: Wood power worse polluter than coal

Judge rules Forest Service failed to adequately protect Oregon steelhead streams from grazing

Judge: Cattle cannot muddy Ore. steelhead streams

Forest Service issues new wilderness film rules; some say agency caved to political pressure

Forest Service issues new wilderness filming rules

Paper industry to plant test forests of genetically altered eucalyptus in 7 Southern states

Paper industry tests genetically altered trees

Oregon buys 43,000 acres of young pines, creating 1st new state forest since 1948

Ore. creating first new state forest since 1948

Obama administration extends moratorium another year in roadless areas of national forests

Obama administration extends roadless moratorium

Feds announce program in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest to help struggling timber industry

Feds announce timber program for Tongass forest

Rich countries pledge $4B to stop deforestation in developing world

Rich countries pledge $4B to stop deforestation

International meeting to enact deforestation measures opens in Oslo

US President Barack Obama
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German pledge boosts UN program to $4 bln for protecting world’s forests on eve of conference

Germany to help fund UN program to protect forests

Germany and Norway pledge $1.5 bln to fight deforestation on eve of conference

Germany, Norway give $1.5B to fight deforestation

Canadian forestry companies and environmental groups reach groundbreaking deal on logging

Forestry companies reach environmental deal

Colorado mine gets federal approval to construct methane vent holes in roadless forest area

Colo. mine can install vent holes in roadless area

Ex-top Alaska Fish and Game administrators warn of economic impact in Sealaska land bill

Ex-Fish and Game officials warn of Sealaska bill

Lungless frog, zebra-striped fish, amorous slug among 123 new species found on Borneo

Amorous slug, orange snake among finds on Borneo

New ‘America the Beautiful’ series of quarters launches with Hot Springs, 55 more to follow

List of new quarters being issued by US Mint

Cameron-backed Amazon dam delay overturned by Brazilian judge, allowing bidding to proceed

Cameron-backed Amazon dam delay nixed by judge

Brazil judge overturns delay for bidding on controversial Amazon dam

Amazon dam delay overturned by Brazil judge

AP Interview: James Cameron says hydroelectric dispute creates real-life ‘Avatar’ in Amazon

Cameron: Amazon dam dispute a real-life ‘Avatar’

Forest Service to restrict motorcyle and mountain bike use on Gallatin Crest for summer

Gallatin Forest to restrict motorcycle, bike use

Montana judge rules Forest Service must better protect grizzly bears in aerial-spraying plan

Montana judge: Weed-spraying plan could hurt bears

Calif. firm plans tree plantation in Nevada to fight deforestation and build carbon credits

Nevada tree plantation to help fight deforestation

UN global survey: gobbled up by farms and bugs, forests still disappearing, but not that fast

UN: forests still disappearing

ROME — Ambitious planting programs in Asia and the United States have helped slow the global rate of deforestation but farmers are still cutting trees to clear land at an alarmingly high rate, a U.N. survey released Thursday shows.

UN sounds alarm about forests turning into farms

UN releases forestry report

ROME — A U.N. report says forests are winning in some countries thanks to planting programs but disappearing in parts of South America and Africa as trees are cut down for farmland.

Paper company’s need for wood highlights problems with tree-destroying US gypsy moths

Need for wood highlights US insect problems

Britain’s Prince Charles to visit bison-filled virgin forest in eastern Poland

Prince Charles to visit bison-filled Polish forest

Court rules against Forest Service in Mont. dispute over livestock grazing in sage grouse area

Court favors sage grouse in Mont. grazing lawsuit

Conference on fighting deforestation boosts morale, budget after morose climate change talks

Meeting on deforestation boosts morale, budget

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