China, US harden positions as progress stalls in climate talks

Little progress seen in climate talks in China

Confident China boosts standing at climate talks by showcasing energy efforts

China highlights climate change efforts

TIANJIN, China — As the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer, China was widely seen as an obstacle in the Copenhagen climate summit last year. But while negotiations inched forward, Beijing poured $34.6 billion into clean energy in 2009, nearly double the U.S. investment.

Report: North Korea appears to be moving forward to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons

Report: North Korea moving toward nuclear weapons

After epic productions, Zhang unveils back-to-basics romance at Pusan festival

Zhang calls new film a back-to-basics romance

China drives away promising candidates, faces hurdles amid quest for a Nobel Prize

China faces hurdles amid quest for a Nobel Prize

Limited progress being made in climate talks in China as rich, poor countries remain divided

Limited progress in climate talks in China

Delegates to climate change talks told to search for common ground before Cancun summit

Delegates told to ID achievable goals on climate

Climate change talks in China seek to narrow gap before year-end Cancun summit

Climate change talks open in China

TIANJIN, China — The U.N. climate chief urged countries Monday to identify achievable goals for fighting climate change ahead of a year-end meeting in Mexico, after last year’s Copenhagen summit failed to produce binding limits on greenhouse gas.

China launches 2nd unmanned lunar probe, mission to test technology for future moon landing

China’s space program launches lunar probe

Automakers look to cleaner cars, keep costs in mind for penny-pinching consumers at Paris show

3 C’s for Paris cars: Clean, Cheap and China

Automakers bet on green technologies, tilt toward China boom at Paris auto show

Automakers go green, sleek at Paris car show

China space ambitions forge ahead with plan to launch second lunar probe this weekend

China to launch second lunar probe this weekend

China says countries to focus on reducing differences at climate talks next week

China says climate talks to focus on differences

American-born panda Hua Mei gives birth to 8th cub in China, rare success for species

US-born panda gives birth to her 8th cub in China

China rejects US trade complaint over solar, wind industries, says policies in line with rules

China rejects US trade complaint over clean energy

Taiwan charity delivers eco-blankets to disaster victims in Haiti, soon in Pakistan

Taiwan charity sends eco-friendly blankets as aid

UN climate chief urges countries to be flexible in next month’s talks in China

UN climate chief urges flexibility in talks

Steelworkers ask Obama administration to crack down on Chinese trade practices in clean energy

Union: China violating trade rules in clean energy

China blacks out factories, homes in drastic move to meet energy-saving targets

China blacks out towns to meet energy goal

Chevron acquires interest to explore oil on 8,100 square miles in South China Sea

Chevron acquires oil exploration rights in China

Expert says bird flu still a pandemic danger, warns against complacency after swine flu fizzle

Expert warns of complacency after swine flu fizzle

Japan urges China to adopt better labor laws after widespread strikes, says more talks needed

Japan calls for transparent labor rules in China

Dinosaur fossils discovered in China set to make US debut Friday at Cincinnati museum

Chinese dinosaur fossils to make US debut in Ohio

UN board to investigate complaints, could rein in $2.7 billion carbon market

UN board could rein in $2.7 billion carbon market

China sets up electric vehicle group, to promote standards, research

China electric car makers plan standards, research

Culinary traditions are challenged as Hong Kongers wage campaign against eating shark’s fin

Hong Kongers campaign against eating shark’s fin

Culinary traditions are challenged as Hong Kongers wage campaign against shark fin

Hong Kongers wage campaign against shark fin

China plans to launch 1st module of space station next year after tests, changes to rocket

China tests space station module to launch in 2011

Report says performing animals in Chinese zoos, safari parks are routinely abused, neglected

Report: China zoos mistreat performing animals

Vietnam welcomes US nuclear supercarrier amid concerns over South China Sea

Former enemies US, Vietnam now military mates

Mood pessimistic at prospect for climate deal this year, charges of reneging on summit deal

Climate talks appear to slip backward

BONN, Germany — Global climate talks appeared to have slipped backward after five days of negotiations in Bonn, with rich and poor countries exchanging charges of reneging on agreements they made last year to contain greenhouse gases.

China looks to US, others for more corn to feed livestock; food prices could rise worldwide

US farmers hope to soon sell more corn to China

UN panel explores new taxes, incentives to raise $100 billion for annual climate change fund

UN panel: New taxes needed for a climate fund

Tap water for 10,000 people in southern China town contaminated by metal pollution

Tap water in south China town contaminated

Bikini Atoll, Mexico trade route added to UNESCO list of World Heritage sites

UNESCO adds 21 new places to World Heritage list

US tells climate negotiators it will stick to carbon emissions reduction pledge

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