Greenpeace activists block Scottish firm from drilling off Greenland

Greenpeace blocks Greenland drilling

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Greenpeace forced a Scottish company to stop drilling off Greenland on Tuesday by having four activists climb onto an oil rig.

Summary Box: Greenland gas find fuels Greenpeace warning against damaging oil rush in Arctic

Summary Box: Greenpeace warns on Greenland gas

Scottish company announces Greenland gas find as Greenpeace warns against damanging oil rush

Greenland gas find fuels environmental worries

Greenpeace warns of damaging oil rush after company finds signs of hydrocarbons near Greenland

Greenpeace warns of oil rush risk to Greenland

Huge ice island that broke off Greenland glacier could threaten offshore platforms, shipping

Huge ice island could pose threat to oil, shipping

Whaling commission conference ends in deadlock over hunting, calls for 1 year ‘pause’ in talks

Whaling meeting delays decision on hunting 1 year

Putin attaches satellite tag to tranquilized polar bear in Russia’s Arctic

Putin shows Olympic judo team
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After 4,000 years, DNA suggests ancient Greenland man had risk of baldness and even dry earwax

DNA suggests even ancient man had baldness issues

Researchers find ocean region where arctic terns like to take a break en route south

Arctic terns take break en route south for winter

Study of ancient climate suggests higher sea level rise in future from global warming

Study suggests greater sea level rise from warming

Gore at climate talks: New studies suggest summertime Arctic ice cap may vanish in 5-7 years

Gore: Polar ice may vanish in 5-7 years

COPENHAGEN — New computer modeling suggests the Arctic Ocean may be nearly ice-free in the summertime as early as 2014, Al Gore said Monday at the U.N. climate conference. Northern polar sea ice has been retreating dramatically. These new projections suggest an almost-vanished summer ice cap much earlier than foreseen by a U.S. government agency just eight months ago.

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