Burger King to stop buying palm oil from Indonesian company accused of rainforest destruction

Burger King to stop buying oil from Indonesian co.

High-tech expedition reveals colorful, diverse marine life on ocean floor off Indonesia

Deep-sea images reveal colorful life off Indonesia

Coral reefs off Indonesia dying at one of the fastest rates ever recorded

Indonesia’s coral reefs dying at alarming rate

All animals at Indonesia’s largest zoo could die if conditions don’t improve, official warns

Warning: All animals at Indonesian zoo in danger

Scientists challenge notion that orangutans are the ’solitary ape’

New research suggests orangutans not so solitary

Expo packed with endangered species for sale highlights Indonesia’s rampant illegal pet trade

Expo shows illegal pet trade rampant in Indonesia

Scientists map towering, undersea volcano off Indonesia’s coast

Towering undersea volcano mapped off Indonesia

2nd carcass of endangered Javan Rhinoceros found in Indonesian national park

2nd carcass of endangered rhino found in Indonesia

Rich countries pledge $4B to stop deforestation in developing world

Rich countries pledge $4B to stop deforestation

International meeting to enact deforestation measures opens in Oslo

US President Barack Obama
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Germany and Norway pledge $1.5 bln to fight deforestation on eve of conference

Germany, Norway give $1.5B to fight deforestation

Indonesian worker punches Komodo dragon to free his hand from bite

Indonesian worker bitten by Komodo dragon

JAKARTA, Indonesia — An Indonesian worker freed himself from an attacking Komodo dragon by punching the reptile’s snout until it released him and ran away, a national park official said Monday.

Indonesian police seize 71 endangered giant turtles from market storehouse in Bali

Indonesian police seize 71 giant turtles in Bali

Study in Indonesia finds new types of long-nose frog, tiny kangaroo, gecko, birds

New frogs and geckos and pigeons, oh my

WASHINGTON — Finding a new animal species is a special moment for scientists and even better when one hops into their mountain camp and volunteers to be discovered.

Indonesian zoo welcomes births of 25 Komodo dragons, hatched in incubators

Indonesian zoo welcomes birth of 25 Komodo dragons

Conference on fighting deforestation boosts morale, budget after morose climate change talks

Meeting on deforestation boosts morale, budget

Growing support for ‘hobbit’ as distinct species

Growing support for ‘hobbit’ as distinct species

Environmental officials say bickering and mistrust must end for sake of new UN climate pact

End to bickering urged to achieve new climate pact

AP Interview: UN climate chief says too little time to forge a global warming treaty this year

Official: Climate change treaty unlikely this year

UN weather meeting agrees to make climate data more precise, transparent after controversy

UN weather meeting agrees to refine climate data

7-foot Komodo dragon locks onto Indonesian park ranger’s foot but colleagues drive away lizard

Indonesian ranger freed from jaws of Komodo dragon

Indonesian park ranger freed from jaws of Komodo dragon

Indonesian ranger escapes Komodo dragon attack

UN says tougher targets needed to avert climate disaster

BALI ISLAND - Countries need to set tougher targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions if the world is to avert a climate-change catastrophe, according to a new UN report released Tuesday.

UN warns of threats from high-tech waste in developing countries

UN warns about tech waste in developing world

Resignation of sharp-tongued UN climate chief leaves gap in leadership of global warming talks

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