HEALTHBEAT: More aggressive care for sepsis urged as scientists find new clue to what fuels it

New clue to sepsis as more aggressive care urged

1 in 5 gay, bisexual men has AIDS virus and many don’t know it, says CDC study of 21 cities

44 pct of gay, bisexual men with HIV don’t know it

New gene that turns any bacteria into drug-resistant superbugs is found in 3 states, Canada

New drug-resistant superbugs found in 3 states

Scientists find drugs, antiseptics that may help fight fungus that’s wiping out bats

Scientists find drugs that may fight bat disease

Experts disagree on whether big farms are riskier, but agree egg recall shows potential danger

Experts say big egg farms can mean big problems

Expert says bird flu still a pandemic danger, warns against complacency after swine flu fizzle

Expert warns of complacency after swine flu fizzle

Federal agents descend on egg farms at center of recall for second time

Federal agents descend on egg farms for 2nd time

Rodents, bugs, other unsanitary conditions found at 2 Iowa farms where eggs have been recalled

Rodents, other contamination found at 2 egg farms

Rodents, bugs, other violations found at 2 Iowa farms where eggs have been recalled

Rodents, other violations found at 2 egg farms

AP Enterprise: Egg farm owner was able to expand business despite being a ‘habitual violator’

Iowa approved egg farm tied to ‘habitual violator’

Hamburg: Massive egg recall dramatizes need for agency to have greater regulatory authority

FDA commissioner says agency needs more authority

UK doctors warn new superbug gene found in patients from India, Pakistan could spread widely

UK doctors: New superbug gene could spread widely

AIDS breakthrough: African study offers hope to women by helping prevent HIV, herpes

AIDS breakthrough: Gel helps prevent infection

In US cities, AIDS virus is linked more to poverty than race, study finds

In US cities, HIV linked more to poverty than race

Poor people more often infected by AIDS virus than those with more money, study finds

Study: Poverty, more than race, tied to HIV

Flu shot in the mail? Microneedles may make that possible, or just buy it at a drug store

Microneedles may make getting flu shots easier

Treating HIV helps prevent spread of the AIDS virus to others, Canadian study finds

Treating HIV also prevents its spread, study finds

INSIDE WASHINGTON: After years of outbreaks, FDA steps up oversight of produce safety

INSIDE WASHINGTON: Outbreaks drive new FDA rules

Study: Fast Tamiflu treatment saved many pregnant swine flu victims in US

Flu drugs saved many pregnant swine flu victims

Bulgarian authorities say dead bird tests positive for H5N1 virus

Bird with H5N1 virus found in Bulgaria

SOFIA, Bulgaria — A dead bird found near Bulgaria’s Black Sea port of Varna has tested positive for the deadly H5N1 virus, officials said Thursday.

FDA says don’t use Glaxo diarrhea vaccine, citing no safety risk but puzzling contamination

FDA warns doctors about Glaxo rotavirus vaccine

AP Enterprise: Cruise line, NASA got swine flu shots early on; CDC says system worked well

AP Enterprise: NASA, cruise line got flu shots

AIDS virus avoids drugs by hiding in bone marrow; finding could point way to better treatment

Researchers: AIDS virus can hide in bone marrow

Pneumonia outbreak kills more than 400 bighorn sheep in several Western states

Outbreak kills hundreds of bighorn sheep in West

Nevada wildlife officials fear bighorn sheep die-off near Elko will worsen

Pneumonia outbreak kills 79 bighorn sheep in NV

No flight, no bite: Genetic researchers say wingless female mosquitoes could curb fatal fever

Without a wing, no prayer for female mosquitoes

Researchers say aggressive, early anti-viral therapy might help derail the spread of AIDS

Scientists report on way to derail spread of AIDS

DNA studies reveal a frail King Tut who died at 19 from a broken leg complicated by malaria

A frail King Tut died from malaria, broken leg

New kind of gene sleuthing blurs line between MRSA superbug spread in hospitals or elsewhere

Gene sleuthing tracks variation in MRSA superbug

GlaxoSmithKline offers outside scientists labs, data to fight malaria, other tropical diseases

GSK offers scientists labs, data to fight malaria

Ex-Mo. official says he directed delaying E. coli results to get context, develop cleanup plan

Ex-Mo. official: Test results delayed for context

Swine flu is not as contagious as other pandemic strains except for kids, new study suggests

Swine flu not as catchy as other pandemic strains

WHO chief says too early to say if swine flu pandemic has peaked everywhere

WHO chief: swine flu pandemic continues

GENEVA — Many more people could become sick with swine flu this winter even though it has peaked in North America and some European countries, the head of the World Health Organization said Tuesday.

Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture; animals fed 70 percent of US antibiotics

Pressure rises to stop antibiotics in agriculture

Swine flu and your pet: Doctors say wash hands, don’t panic and see a vet if animal gets sick

Swine flu toll includes a few pets

LOS ANGELES — A handful of pets have been sickened with swine flu in recent weeks, but here are doctors’ orders: Wash your hands and don’t panic.

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