Rights activists from Brazil, Nepal, Nigeria and Israel share 2010 ‘Alternative Nobel’

Rights activists share Alternative Nobel

STOCKHOLM — Activists from Nepal, Nigeria, Brazil and Israel were named the winners Thursday of this year’s Right Livelihood Award, also known as the “alternative Nobel,” for work that includes fighting to save the Amazon rain forest and bringing health care to Palestinians cut off from services.

Developing nations push for greater South-South cooperation, fighting climate change

G-77 calls for greater South-South cooperation

Israeli archaeologists say ancient shards of flint might be world’s oldest disposable cutlery

Israel researchers find ancient disposable cutlery

Over the hump: Dubai camel dairy pushes Camelicious milk toward world markets

Dubai camel dairy hopes to milk health food market

Israeli mathematician awarded prestigious Fields Medal with 3 others in India ceremony

Israeli, 3 others win important math prize

Matthew Simmons, energy investment banker, offshore wind energy advocate, dies in Maine

Simmons, energy investment banker, dies in Maine

US-Vietnam nuke deal unlikely to include no-enrichment pledge; critics say US backtracking

US-Vietnam nuke deal will likely allow enrichment

Bikini Atoll, Mexico trade route added to UNESCO list of World Heritage sites

UNESCO adds 21 new places to World Heritage list

UN punishes 2 activist groups after members defile Saudi name plate at climate talks

WWF, Oxfam punished for anti-Saudi act at UN talks

Turkey’s donation of rare ibis to Syria is latest sign of warming relations between neighbors

Turkey, Syria engage in bird diplomacy

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The latest beneficiary of improved relations between Turkey and Syria is the rare northern bald ibis.

Crews remove Gulf relief well plug, another step toward getting ready to kill it

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

WWF apologizes for undiplomatic incident against Saudi Arabia at climate conference

WWF apologizes for incident against Saudi Arabia

Israel and environmentalists spar over the safety of baptism in the Jordan River

Israel, green group dispute Jordan River’s safety

BP tries to reinvent self with American CEO; Hayward agrees but grouses, ‘Life isn’t fair’

BP hopes to turn page with new CEO, leaner company

From floating wetlands to porous asphalt, researchers show off ideas to save Chesapeake Bay

Researchers present ideas to save Chesapeake Bay

Iran says its nuclear scientist brought back ‘valuable’ information on the CIA

Iran says scientist provided information on CIA

Report: CIA paid Iranian scientist $5 million to provide information on Iran’s nuclear program

Report: CIA paid Iranian scientist $5 million

Iranian nuclear scientist back home from US amid spy claims

Iranian nuclear scientist back home from US

Iran says missing nuclear scientist has taken refuge in Pakistani embassy in Washington

Iran: Missing scientist surfaces in Washington

Fidel Castro speaks slowly, but appears relaxed in most prominent TV interview in years

Castro speaks slowly, seems relaxed in interview

Fidel Castro suddenly back in view with new photos, Cuban TV appearance

Fidel Castro suddenly back in view on Cuban TV

AP answers your questions on the news, from reporters in Gaza to using kudzu as biofuel

Ask AP: Kudzu as biofuel, reporting from Gaza

Researcher in Mass. says he has ID’d 7 MIAs from WWII by matching descriptions of unknowns

Mass. researcher says he has ID’d 7 MIAs from WWII

Environmental legacy: US promises to remove all hazardous waste before pulling out from Iraq

US removing hazardous waste during Iraq withdrawal

Study finds 60 million living in the shadow of Himalayan glaciers could suffer food shortages

Study: Shrinking glaciers to spark food shortages

American, Israeli biochemists win Spanish Asturias prize for their work on pain

American, Israeli biochemists win Asturias prize

Archaeologists discover 13th century BC ‘lost tomb’ of ancient Egyptian capital’s mayor

Ancient mayor’s ‘lost tomb’ found south of Cairo

APNewsBreak: Diplomats say Iran removed equipment used in possible nuclear program

APNewsBreak: Diplomats say Iran removed equipment

Lions, crocodiles and bears, oh my! Iraq’s trade in exotic pets largely unregulated

Baghdad’s trade in wildlife anything but tame

Divers explore ruins of Cleopatra’s palace, temple complex, knocked into sea by earthquake

Divers explore sunken ruins of Cleopatra’s palace

Tehran hands over enriched fuel swap offer to the UN nuclear agency

Tehran gives fuel swap offer to IAEA

VIENNA — Seeking to evade new U.N. sanctions, Iran on Monday formally submitted its plan to swap some of its enriched uranium for reactor fuel and said the onus was on world powers to defuse tensions by accepting the deal.

Israeli newspaper says construction of Jerusalem museum damages skeletons from Muslim cemetery

Report: Jerusalem museum excavation damages bones

Israel dedicates huge sea-water purification plant to counter chronic fresh water shortage

Israel dedicates huge sea-water purification plant

Upriver Nile countries sign compact pitting the 4 countries against Egypt and Sudan

Upriver Nile countries sign compact for water use

Israeli government follows Jesus, tells Sea of Galilee fishermen to ‘cast aside their nets’

Israel to ban fishing in the Sea of Galilee

Chesapeake Bay Foundation settles suit against EPA a day before cleanup plan to be announced

Chesapeake Bay Foundation settles suit against EPA

Hiking the Israel National Trail, 620 miles from the Red Sea to Lebanon border

Hiking the Israel National Trail

MAKHTESH RAMON, Israel — I was enjoying a serene moment of yoga in the desert, my dusty hiking boots resting nearby, when a squadron of fighter jets roared overhead and reminded me — eight days after I last saw civilization — that I was still in Israel.

THE INFLUENCE GAME: BP spends big in Washington, but will that help in Gulf oil spill crisis?

Former US President Bill Clinton

BP spends big in Washington, but will that help it survive during Gulf oil spill crisis?

The Dalai Lama
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You Neanderthal: New look at genome suggests some ancient interbreeding with modern humans

You’re a Neanderthal: Genes say yes _ a little bit

Environmentalists warn Jordan River drying up, filled with sewage

Environmentalists warn Jordan River drying up

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad in Africa to build ties with new partners, evade UN sanctions

Iran’s Ahmadinejad seeks new partners in Africa

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad says war games in the Persian Gulf are routine

President Barack Obama

Electric eco-cars have not yet won the race; hydrogen-powered engines may make a comeback

Hydrogen still in the eco-car race

BERLIN — Hydrogen, one of Earth’s most abundant elements, once was seen as green energy’s answer to the petroleum-driven car: easy to produce, available everywhere and nonpolluting when burned.

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Under threat, ethanol fuel industry fights to regain its footing

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Ethanol doubles its efforts

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