Text me UR … equations? SAfrican social networking site offers math tutoring via cellphone

SAfrican students study math via cellphone

San Francisco supervisors pass first-of-its-kind measure requiring cell phone radiation labels

San Francisco board passes cell phone emission law

San Francisco poised to require cell phone radiation labels in first-of-its-kind law

San Francisco poised for cell phone radiation law

Rescue boats headed to 16-year-old sailor adrift in Indian Ocean on damaged yacht

Boats heading to teen sailor found in Indian Ocean

Study: Consumers grow happier with cell phone service; Sprint shows biggest improvement

Study: Consumers happier about their cell service

UN study finds some evidence of cell phone link to cancer _ but results inconclusive

Study on cell phone link to cancer inconclusive

UN study: Link between cell phone use and brain cancer inconclusive

Study: Cell phone-brain cancer link inconclusive

Major industry-funded study on link between cell phone use and brain cancers is inconclusive

Major study on cell phones and cancer inconclusive

Early spring or 6 more weeks of winter? Punxsutawney Phil to text this year’s prediction

Punxsutawney Phil to text his weather prediction

Exploding growth of mobile Internet services sets off tussle over access to the airwaves

Cell phone mania forces scramble for more airwaves

Maine legislators to consider warning that cell phones pose brain cancer risk for users

Maine to consider cell phone cancer warning

Ever-faster and smarter devices loom in the 2010s _ can they tame information overload?

Our devices will spin denser webs of data in 2010s

Kids, take out your cell phones: Teachers turn students’ favorite pastime into class tool

Teachers begin using cell phones for class lessons

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