Feds offer $1.3 billion loan guarantee for major Ore. wind farm

Feds offer loan guarantee for Ore. wind farm

Doe Run to pay $65 million to clean up lead waste in southeast Missouri

Mo. company to pay $65M to cleanup lead sites

Groups sue to stop roundup of wild horses in northwestern Colorado

Groups sue to stop Colo. wild horse roundup

Toyota plans to roll out 2 new cars under Prius name, aiming to expand hybrid brand

Toyota to roll out 2 new cars under Prius name

South Korean defense chief warns of repercussions from upcoing power change in North Korea

South Korea warns of problems when NK power shifts

BLM reviews plan to send mustangs to Madeleine Pickens’ wild horse sanctuary in Nevada

Pickens buys NV ranch for wild horse sanctuary

USDA inspection finds sick animals, unsanitary conditions at NC research lab targeted by PETA

USDA found problems at NC animal research lab

BLM reviews plan for wild horse sanctuary in Nev. planned by wife of T. Boone Pickens

Wife of Pickens buys NV ranch for horse sanctuary

Federal government to add about 100 vehicles to its vehicle fleet

Govt to add electric vehicles to federal fleet

Tauck tour company partners with documentary maker Ken Burns on national park, Civil War tours

Tour company partners with Ken Burns on park trips

Confident China boosts standing at climate talks by showcasing energy efforts

China highlights climate change efforts

TIANJIN, China — As the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer, China was widely seen as an obstacle in the Copenhagen climate summit last year. But while negotiations inched forward, Beijing poured $34.6 billion into clean energy in 2009, nearly double the U.S. investment.

Report: North Korea appears to be moving forward to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons

Report: North Korea moving toward nuclear weapons

POLITICAL INSIDER: Women’s group raises specter of ‘Speaker Boehner’ to motivate voters

POLITICAL INSIDER: Women’s group targets Boehner

Russian spy sees off US-Russian crew as it blasts off for orbiting space station

Spy sees off US-Russian crew for space station

Federal officials deny Montana’s request to hold a ‘conservation hunt’ for endangered wolves

Federal officials deny Montana’s wolf hunt request

Genetically engineered corn turns out to be a good neighbor, fighting pests in nearby fields

‘Good neighbor’ corn fights borers at home, nearby

Study finds genetically engineered corn can cut pest damage to other nearby plants

Study: High-tech corn cuts pest damage far afield

Study calls for efforts to make America a quieter place, admits it will take time

Report: Can’t we all just quiet down a little

Biologists celebrate 100 endangered Calif. condors now flying where species once reigned

100 endangered Calif. condors flying wild in state

Shell seeks to drill in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea; environmentalists skeptical of safety measures

Shell seeks to drill in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea

Report: Mysterious collapse of honey bee colonies may be caused by virus, fungus combination

Report: Virus, fungus new suspects in bee disease

Mysterious collapse of honey bee colonies may be caused by virus, fungus combination

Virus, fungus new suspects in bee disease

WASHINGTON — Researchers have a pair of new suspects in the mysterious collapse of honey bee colonies across the country.

In Pa. gov’s race, Onorato says it’s unlikely lawmakers will reach accord on natural gas tax

Onorato doubts lawmakers can agree on drilling tax

Shell applies for 2011 exploration in Alaska’s Beaufort Sea, but backs off on Chukchi Sea

Shell applies for exploration drilling in Beaufort

Method for building complex molecules helps fight cancer, protect crops _ and wins Nobel Prize

Trio wins Nobel for developing key chemistry tool

Stop to go! Philly transit agency to store trains’ braking energy, save it for power later

Stop to go! Philly trains to recycle brake energy

US astronaut prepares for space mission that his brother will later join him on

US astronaut excited about upcoming space mission

FDA plans to collaborate with outside researchers to improve food, drug science

FDA stresses need to modernize its science

Federal Trade Commission proposes changes to guidelines on marketing “eco-friendly” products

FTC: “Eco-friendly” isn’t always consumer friendly

Limited progress being made in climate talks in China as rich, poor countries remain divided

Limited progress in climate talks in China

A list of recent Nobel Prize in chemistry winners

List of recent Nobel Prize in chemistry winners

Environmentalists fret about future development at NY’s Plum Island as plans to sell proceed

Environmentalists get rare look at island off NY

South Korean official calls North Korea’s nuclear threat ‘extremely dangerous’

South Korea: NKorea’s nuclear threat ‘dangerous’

NASA gives go-ahead to $438 million Mars mission led by University of Colorado-Boulder

Mars mission led by Univ. of Colorado approved

Ballot effort to suspend Calif. greenhouse gas law raises $5.2M, nearly all from oil industry

Oil industry aids effort to suspend CA climate law

Feds to propose changes to areas where rare right whales protected from strikes, entanglement

Feds to propose changes to whale protection areas

As deadline nears, Capitol Christmas Tree in dire need of more ornaments from Wyo. residents

Forest Service to Wyoming: Make more ornaments

Fish and Wildlife Service rejects endangered species protection for Sacramento splittail fish

Interior denies protection for Calif. fish species

Correction: Nobel-Medicine story

Correction: Nobel-Medicine story

NEW YORK — In a story Oct. 4 about the Nobel Prize in medicine, The Associated Press misspelled the surname of a Stockholm woman who gave birth after vitro fertilization treatments. Her name is Johanna Mannung, not Nannung.

Feds give final approval for 2 California solar power plants on public lands

Feds approve 2 Calif solar plants on public land

Researchers find previously undocumented language hidden in small villages in India

Undocumented language found hidden in India

Supreme Court grapple with NASA’s need for background checks versus employee privacy

Supreme Court grapples with NASA privacy questions

Canadian, US scientists to study potential damage to Great Lakes if Asian carp gain foothold

Canada joins US in Asian carp research project

Hush! Frito-Lay to pull noisy SunChips bags, go back to original after complaints

Hush! Frito-Lay to pull most noisy SunChips bags

Procter & Gamble offers residents rewards to take part in hometown Cincinnati’s recycling

P&G backs Cincinnati recycling plan

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble Co. will back its corporate hometown’s expanded recycling with discounts on P&G products and by supporting an environmental rewards effort with other companies.

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