Procter & Gamble offers residents rewards to take part in hometown Cincinnati’s recycling

P&G backs Cincinnati recycling plan

CINCINNATI — Procter & Gamble Co. will back its corporate hometown’s expanded recycling with discounts on P&G products and by supporting an environmental rewards effort with other companies.

Procter & Gamble steps up to sustainability, says it will use more renewable energy, cut waste

P&G sets new environmental goals

CINCINNATI — The world’s largest consumer product maker announced Monday that it has set ambitious long-term targets for cutting the waste it produces and improving its energy efficiency.

APNewsBreak: Ohio to change rules allowing state to pull animals from certain owners

APNewsBreak: Ohio pets’ fate to depend on owners

As US grapples with resurgence of bedbugs, authorities fret over misuse of harmful pesticides

US grapples with bedbugs, misuse of pesticides

AP Enterprise: Egg farm owner was able to expand business despite being a ‘habitual violator’

Iowa approved egg farm tied to ‘habitual violator’

Dinosaur fossils discovered in China set to make US debut Friday at Cincinnati museum

Chinese dinosaur fossils to make US debut in Ohio

Ohio State University awaiting ratification of land speed record for electric vehicle

Electric ‘Buckeye Bullet’ aims for speed record

Mich. auto parts company plans to reopen shuttered Ind. plant, invest $9M, close Ohio factory

Mich. company to open Ind. plant, close Ohio plant

Witness The Spectacular Show of Solar Flare 2010 Tonight

Solar Flare 2010

Ohio wildlife facility touts artificial-insemination births of endangered horse-like onagers

Ohio facility touts births of horse-like onagers

Jack Hanna uses pepper spray to ward off grizzly bear that approached during hike in Montana

Jack Hanna wards off grizzly with pepper spray

Not just the Gulf: Environmentalists tell Congress onshore drilling also needs more oversight

Environmentalists: Don’t overlook onshore drilling

American Electric takes southern Ind. coal-fired power plant offline after weekend steam leak

Steam leak takes southern Ind. power plant offline

Complaints allege psychologists had role in Guantanamo detainee abuse

Psychologists face Guantanamo abuse claim

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Two Army psychologists helped perpetrate abuse of detainees at Guantanamo Bay including sleep deprivation and sexual humiliation, according to complaints filed Wednesday by human rights groups trying to have the psychologists’ state licenses revoked.

Stinky, slimy algae makes water unsafe at Ohio’s ‘other Great Lake,’ harming fish, tourism

Ohio lake’s algae dangerous to swimmers, economy

Ohio tries to save jobs from going to Ind. over environmental rule that co. says isn’t needed

Ohio tries to save jobs over environmental rule

Roll Call: Senate rejects effort to stop EPA from regulating greenhouse gases

Senate roll call on greenhouse gas regulations

EPA tightens standards on sulfur dioxide, pollutant blamed for acid rain, aggravating asthma

EPA toughens standards on sulfur dioxide pollutant

Calif. electric car manufacturer CODA picks Ohio for site of proposed battery plant

Electric car maker choses Ohio for battery plant

GE and development group announce plans for Lake Erie wind farm near Cleveland

Plans announced for Lake Erie wind farm

CLEVELAND — General Electric Co. announced Monday that it plans to harness the power of winds blowing across Lake Erie by developing the world’s first freshwater wind farm several miles offshore from downtown Cleveland.

GM to invest $890M in 5 plants to build new V-8 engines, keeping 1,600 jobs

GM to invest $890M in engines, keeping 1,600 jobs

Companies tout green innovations in marketing pitches but also see bottom line benefits

‘Green’ becomes more than just a marketing pitch

Amusement park operator Cedar Fair says inadequate investor support dooms takeover by Apollo

Cedar Fair: Takeover not happening

SANDUSKY, Ohio — Cedar Fair LP, one of the nation’s largest operators of amusement parks, said Tuesday that its plan to go private in a $635 million takeover by asset manager Apollo Global Management has been scrapped because of a poor response from shareholders.

Procter & Gamble steps up marketing, education efforts on environmental efforts

P&G makes “future friendly” environmental push

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FirstEnergy is buying rival power provider Allegheny Energy for about $4.7 billion in stock

FirstEnergy buying power rival Allegheny Energy

Cleveland Cavaliers say restoration of water fountains planned, state says they’re required

Cavaliers plan to restore water fountains

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Cavaliers plan to reinstall drinking fountains at their arena after having removed them in November to prevent the spread of swine flu and other illnesses.

31 malnourished horses rescued from stable in Ohio and 6 others die; no charges yet filed

31 emaciated horses rescued in Ohio; 6 others die

Space shuttle crew to provide coin that traveled into space for Super Bowl toss

NASA crew to provide coin for Super Bowl toss

Lawyer: Cleveland hospital can’t perform face, hand transplants on Conn. chimp victim

Lawyer: Chimp victim seeking face, hand transplant

Obama seeks to revive battered agenda in hurting Ohio, vows to keep fighting despite GOP win

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