Federal government to add about 100 vehicles to its vehicle fleet

Govt to add electric vehicles to federal fleet

Panasonic raises stakes in 2 key subsidiaries as its strengthens green technology businesses

Panasonic raises Sanyo, electric unit stakes

Russian private firm vows to fill vacuum in space tourism market with orbiting hotel

Russian to offer space tourists an orbiting hotel

Deere sells wind energy business, John Deere Renewables, to Exelon subsidiary for $900 million

Deere sells wind energy business for $900M

Indiana company planning to build hybrid work van gets GM backing while seeking federal loan

Ind. company planning hybrid van gets GM backing

Crews remove Gulf relief well plug, another step toward getting ready to kill it

Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama

BP tries to reinvent self with American CEO; Hayward agrees but grouses, ‘Life isn’t fair’

BP hopes to turn page with new CEO, leaner company

On 2nd day of trading, Tesla Motors shares soar then stall following blowout public offering

Tesla Motors shares stall in 2nd day of trading

On 2nd day of trading, Tesla Motors shares soar, then cool, following blowout public offering

Tesla Motors hits high gear in 2nd day of trading

Airbus expands its Kansas facilities, plans to add engineering jobs

Airbus expands Kan. facilities, seeks engineers

BP cuts pipe with giant shears, plans to lower cap over Gulf oil gusher

US President Barack Obama

Coast Guard says BP in the middle of 1st major cut in latest attempt to contain Gulf leak

U.S. President Barack Obama joins Martha Coakley

Air Force: Troubled military GPS receiver wasn’t tested before change in control system

Air Force: Tests didn’t include troubled GPS unit

Consortium of 9 companies wins bid for huge Amazon dam project opposed by environmentalists

9 companies win bid for huge Amazon dam project

US offshore drilling plan to tap huge resources, don’t expect a drop in pump prices soon

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