South Korean official calls North Korea’s nuclear threat ‘extremely dangerous’

South Korea: NKorea’s nuclear threat ‘dangerous’

Hyundai shows off South Korea’s first electric car as president takes test drive

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North Korea turns to Twitter, YouTube in apparent propaganda war

North Korea says it has joined Twitter, YouTube

South Korea develops new long-range missile: Report

SEOUL - South Korea has developed a new medium-range cruise missile capable of hitting sites in North Korea and also parts of China, Japan and Russia, unconfirmed reports said Saturday.

Abnormal radiation detected near border, but SKorea says NKorea did not conduct nuclear test

Abnormal radiation detected near Korean border

Korean rocket crashes seconds after takeoff

SEOUL - South Korea’s homemade rocket, which lost contact only 137 seconds after the takeoff Thursday, crashed, a media report said.

SKorea launches rocket with satellite to study climate change, but loses contact with craft

SKorea loses contact with rocket after liftoff

South Korea launches rocket

SEOUL - South Korea launched a homemade rocket Thursday, but communication with the satellite-carrier was lost a few minutes after the blast-off, Xinhua reported.

Reports: South Korea loses communications with rocket

Reports: SKorea loses communications with rocket

SKorea plans to launch satellite a day after delay due to fire safety problems

SKorea plans to launch satellite after delay

South Korea puts off rocket launch

SEOUL - South Korea called off the launch of a space rocket Wednesday after problems with a safety system, media reports said.

South Korea delays satellite launch due to fire safety problems

South Korea delays satellite launch

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s planned launch of a space satellite was delayed Wednesday due to a technical glitch and was likely to be postponed to another day, a government official said.

Report: South Korea delays satellite launch due to fire safety problems

Report: South Korea delays satellite launch

SKorea completes preparations to launch satellite nearly a year after failure

South Korea readies satellite launch

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea completed preparations Wednesday for its second attempt to send a satellite into space after failing in the ambitious endeavor last year.

North Korea claims its scientists have succeeded in elusive nuclear fusion reaction

NKorea claims to achieve elusive nuclear fusion

North Korea claims to have carried out nuclear fusion

SEOUL - North Korea has successfully carried out a nuclear fusion reaction, its official news agency said Wednesday.

Samsung plans to invest $20.6 bln in developing new products over next decade to boost sales

Samsung outlines $20.6 billion investment plan

Oregon scientists’ DNA testing of whale meat offers evidence of illegal trade from Japan

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