Feds offer $1.3 billion loan guarantee for major Ore. wind farm

Feds offer loan guarantee for Ore. wind farm

Confident China boosts standing at climate talks by showcasing energy efforts

China highlights climate change efforts

TIANJIN, China — As the world’s biggest greenhouse gas producer, China was widely seen as an obstacle in the Copenhagen climate summit last year. But while negotiations inched forward, Beijing poured $34.6 billion into clean energy in 2009, nearly double the U.S. investment.

Stop to go! Philly transit agency to store trains’ braking energy, save it for power later

Stop to go! Philly trains to recycle brake energy

Feds give final approval for 2 California solar power plants on public lands

Feds approve 2 Calif solar plants on public land

Obama lauds efforts on clean energy projects; GOP bemoans maxing out ‘national credit card’

Obama promotes clean energy; GOP hits Dem spending

Obama promotes investments in clean energy; GOP calls for extending Bush tax cuts

Obama promotes technology; GOP calls for tax cuts

Obama promotes investments in clean-energy technology he says will produce jobs for the future

Obama promotes clean-energy technology

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is promoting his administration’s investments in clean energy technologies like wind and solar, arguing they produce jobs and are essential for the country’s environment and economic security.

APNewsBreak: Regional EPA official commends NM effort to establish cap-and-trade program

APNewsBreak: EPA official praises NM emission plan

Wis. US Senate hopeful Johnson says global warming ‘unproven,’ shouldn’t dictate US policy

Wis. US Sen. hopeful: Global warming ‘unproven’

Texas environmental regulators award air permit to contentious Gulf coal-fired plant

Texas regulators give permit to Gulf coal plant

Alaska environmental manager to resubmit new permit plans for Healy coal plant in 6-8 weeks

Plans for Healy coal plant to be resubmitted

Britain: New generation of nuclear power plants needed to help reach climate goals

UK: New nuclear plants needed to reach green goals

EPA says 5 states must fortify their Chesapeake Bay restoration plans or face federal action

EPA: 5 states must toughen Chesapeake Bay plans

Otter ad says alternative energy is top priority, Allred says governor is greenwashing record

Allred says Otter energy ad greenwashes record

Calif. regulators to vote on nation’s most aggressive renewable energy standards

Calif voting on most aggressive energy standard

State air regulators require Calif. utilities to get a third of electricity from renewables

Calif. wants third of its power renewable by 2020

World’s largest offshore wind farm opens off UK coast, has 100 turbines up to 380 feet tall

World’s largest wind farm opens off UK coast

Mercedes-Benz S400 is luxury hybrid with battery tech

Mercedes sedan ups fuel mileage

Most people don’t buy big, heavy, luxury sedans for their gasoline mileage. There are many other vehicles - lower-priced, too - that excel at fuel economy.

NM environmental board takes issue with conflict allegations while considering emission rules

NM enviro panel rebuts conflict-of-interest claims

APNewsBreak: After ‘angst,’ Kan. plans to issue permit for coal plant ahead of new EPA rules

APNewsBreak: Coal plant permit expected this year

THE INFLUENCE GAME: Despite lobbying push, renewable energy goal stalls in Senate

The Dalai Lama

Obama welcomes hybrid, electric car battery program funded by federal stimulus

President Barack Obama

Hybrid, electric car battery program funded by federal stimulus beginning to bear fruit

Production of stimulus-aided car batteries revs up

EPA officials tell Kan. legislators that state must get in line with new greenhouse gas rules

U.S. President Barack Obama

Ind. panel’s proposal would expand ‘net metering’ for renewable power sources

Ind. panel’s proposal would expand ‘net metering’

Germany’s Merkel defends nuclear deal, insists it doesn’t give the utilities windfall profits

Germany’s Merkel defends nuclear plant deal

Water also could become issue as utility seeks to build coal-fired power plant in SW Kansas

Water could be issue with western Kan. coal plant

Germany’s Merkel praises deal to extend operations for country’s 17 nuclear power plants

Germany’s Merkel praises extending nuclear energy

California once a leader in waste-to-energy technology has fallen behind the rest of the world

Greenest state behind the waste-to-energy race

Texas congressman among dozens of Democrats trying to hang onto conservative districts

The White House

Democrat McAdams says support pouring in for Alaska US Senate campaign vs. tea party candidate

Alaska Democrat’s campaign for US Senate ramps up

AP IMPACT: Feds fail to use desert land best suited to harness sun to produce renewable energy

AP IMPACT: Feds fail to use land for solar power

AP IMPACT: Solar energy on public lands plagued by bureaucratic delays, apparent speculation

AP IMPACT: Delays plague solar energy on fed lands

US Mint in Denver coining new energy approach _ changing to wind power

Denver Mint to coin new energy approach, use wind

Deere sells wind energy business, John Deere Renewables, to Exelon subsidiary for $900 million

Deere sells wind energy business for $900M

Car shoppers to see new window stickers for 2012 model year with environmental info included

Updated car stickers to include environmental info

Younger activists help older generation change tactics to fight new nuclear power push

US President Barack Obama
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Companies clamor for Congress to extend grant that propped up renewable power in recession

US President Barack Obama
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Groups challenge Alaska cruise ships regulation, say wastewater technology isn’t good enough

Groups challenge Alaska cruise ship waste permits

FACT CHECK: White House claims for stimulus rely on rosy assumptions, best-case scenarios

FACT CHECK: Stimulus assessments overly optimistic

Environmental groups sue EPA in hopes of faster cleanup of Cape Cod’s coastal waters

Environmental groups sue EPA on Cape Cod pollution

CAPITAL CULTURE: Obama official driving push for expansion of electric vehicles

President Barack Obama

NJ Gov. Christie to sign offshore wind energy tax-credit bill

NJ gov to sign offshore wind energy bill

PAULSBORO, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie plans to sign a bill into law that would offer tax credits to encourage the development of renewable energy resources.

China sets up electric vehicle group, to promote standards, research

China electric car makers plan standards, research

Greenpeace touts renewable energy initiative to create jobs, solve SAfrica’s energy problems

Greenpeace pushes for renewable energy in SAfrica

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