Meet Emanti: Vote determines name of newest African elephant calf at San Diego zoo

Meet Emanti: Voters pick SD elephant calf’s name

22 Komodo dragons hatch this month at Los Angeles Zoo, boost to the endangered species

Los Angeles Zoo is home to 22 baby Komodo dragons

Father saves daughter from bear after girl falls into cage at German zoo

Germany: Father saves girl from bear in zoo

All animals at Indonesia’s largest zoo could die if conditions don’t improve, official warns

Warning: All animals at Indonesian zoo in danger

Report says performing animals in Chinese zoos, safari parks are routinely abused, neglected

Report: China zoos mistreat performing animals

Grizzly bear in Montana attacks was underweight, but still not clear why she mauled 3 campers

Grizzly in Mont. maulings was light, not starving

Grizzly cubs whose mother killed 1 arrive at MT zoo malnourished, which could explain attacks

Grizzly cubs from deadly mauling were malnourished

Montana wildlife officials euthanize grizzly sow after triple mauling; 3 cubs going to zoo

Grizzly bear euthanized after Mont. triple mauling

Wildlife officials euthanize grizzly sow after triple mauling; 3 cubs may go to Billings zoo

Grizzly bear euthanized after triple mauling

Animals need water, shade, fish cubes, bloodsicles, hats and reduced stress to cope with heat

Heat brings out the cool in zoos across the nation

Calif. dairy owners promote benefits of camel milk despite federal sales ban

Dairy owners promote camel milk benefits

LOS ANGELES — To milk a camel, you need warm hands, a gentle touch and quick timing — camels give milk only in 90-second bursts.

Baby killed, mother injured by falling tree branch in NYC’s Central Park Zoo

Falling branch kills baby in NYC’s Central Park

San Francisco Zoo euthanizes elderly Siberian tiger ‘Tony,’ one of only a few hundred in world

San Francisco Zoo’s Siberian tiger, Tony, dies

Stealer’s remorse? Tiger, camels stolen along with trailer in Quebec found safe 3 days later

Thieves elect not to hold that tiger, those camels

Baby koala becomes namesake for political reconciliation in Thailand

Baby koala becomes namesake of Thai peace effort

Lions, crocodiles and bears, oh my! Iraq’s trade in exotic pets largely unregulated

Baghdad’s trade in wildlife anything but tame

Zimbabwean baby elephants won’t survive airlift into North Korea, conservationists warn

Dumbo drop: Zimbabwe to give NKorea baby elephants

Reggie the celebrity alligator and Cajun Kate are hottest new item at Los Angeles Zoo

Reggie the gator gets new mate at Los Angeles Zoo

Lion cub triplets born at NYC zoo are king and queens of cuteness but so far nameless

Lion cub triplets at NYC zoo are cuteness royalty

Study: Chimpanzees’ reaction to death of a group member similar to humans

Researchers: Chimps deal with death like humans

Veterinarian owners of Nevada zoo say rare baby ring-tailed lemur born in captivity

Nevada zoo owners say baby ring-tailed lemur born

Future uncertain for dozens of wild creatures as Bolivia bans animals from circus exhibitions

Bolivia circus ban puts countless animals in limbo

Wild fox kills 15 flamingoes in overnight raid at Helsinki Zoo

Wild fox kills 15 flamingoes at Helsinki Zoo

Indonesian zoo welcomes births of 25 Komodo dragons, hatched in incubators

Indonesian zoo welcomes birth of 25 Komodo dragons

Investigation launched after New Mexico zoo giraffe is dismembered, placed in trash bin

New Mexico zoo investigates dismembered giraffe

Rush is on to save 3 sick Siberian tigers at Chinese zoo where 11 starved to death

3 tigers very ill at Chinese zoo where 11 starved

Local Chinese gov’t funds zoo after deaths of Siberian tigers, as other animals die: reports

China funds zoo after Siberian tigers die: reports

Report: 11 rare Siberian tigers die from malnutrition at cash-strapped Chinese zoo

Chinese zoo blamed for death of 11 Siberian tigers

Counting bacteria in our guts, scientists say microbes ‘rule this planet including our body’

Scientists catalog zoo of bacteria inside our guts

After trainer’s death, SeaWorld says it will keep killer whale but may change procedures

SeaWorld will keep whale despite trainer’s death

With much ado, main Paris zoo at last gets redo

Much ado for Paris zoo redo

PARIS — For a zoo, it’s a quiet and lonely place. Among the few remaining residents of Paris’ main animal park are the giraffes — whose long necks make travel inconvenient — and a hippo who was permitted to stay put after she threw a temper tantrum in a shipping crate.

Kenya Wildlife Service begins to move 7,000 zebras and wildebeests to restock top game park

Kenya relocates thousands of animals to game park

US-born pandas reach new home in China, bringing warm and fuzzy to currently edgy ties

The White House

After cheers, tears at departure, American-born pandas arrive at new home in China

American-born pandas reach their new home in China

After cheers, tears at departure, American-born pandas due to arrive at new home in China

American-born pandas near their new home in China

US-born giant pandas, beloved by multitudes, leaving zoos in DC, Atlanta for breeding in China

Barack Obama

Panda tutor wanted: China seeks human to teach American-born panda Chinese dialect

Chinese language tutor sought for US-born panda

Yellowstone bison going to Turner’s ranch; WY state park, Indian tribes were denied animals

Yellowstone bison going to Turner’s ranch

BILLINGS, Mont. — Billionaire Ted Turner is getting 88 Yellowstone National Park bison from a faltering Montana program that was supposed to put the disease-free animals on public or tribal lands.

Utah zoo’s staff investigating sudden deaths of 2 zebras

Utah zoo investigating deaths of 2 zebras

SALT LAKE CITY — Officials at Utah’s Hogle Zoo say they’ve launched an investigation into the deaths of two Grevy’s zebras.

Andean condor believed to be oldest in captivity dies at nearly 80 in Connecticut zoo

Condor nearly 80 years old dies in Connecticut zoo

Ted Turner’s bid to help Yellowstone bison avoid slaughter criticized as move for profit

Turner bid for Yellowstone bison draws protest

Giant Galapagos tortoises, Komodo dragon add to London Zoo’s population in annual animal count

London Zoo keepers make annual animal head count

Ohio zoo celebrates 53rd birthday of world’s oldest captive gorilla with cake, treats

Oldest captive gorilla turns 53 at Ohio zoo

Arkansas elephant sanctuary offers close encounters with pachyderms

Elephants, guests find sanctuary in Ozarks

US expert: ‘Too late’ to save northern white rhino; 4 sent to Kenya are subspecies last chance

US expert: ‘Too late’ to save northern white rhino

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