Genetically engineered corn turns out to be a good neighbor, fighting pests in nearby fields

‘Good neighbor’ corn fights borers at home, nearby

Study finds genetically engineered corn can cut pest damage to other nearby plants

Study: High-tech corn cuts pest damage far afield

Report: Mysterious collapse of honey bee colonies may be caused by virus, fungus combination

Report: Virus, fungus new suspects in bee disease

Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves after courts block public hunts

Western lawmakers turn sights on endangered wolves

Bogus honey peddlers beware: More states are cracking down on sale of ‘funny honey’

States expand efforts to combat ‘funny honey’

NM governor feels the love from chimps as he pitches alternative in dispute over their future

Chimps’ future prompts debate over NM primate lab

Insect experts bring bedbugs to suburban Chicago hotel for summit on bloodsucking pests

Bedbug experts bring samples to Chicago-area hotel

Researchers delve into secrets of fireflies, other glowing creatures for military uses

Military eyes glowing secrets of fireflies, others

Flicker of trouble? Backyard volunteers help scientists track possible firefly decline

Backyard volunteers helping track firefly numbers

As US grapples with resurgence of bedbugs, authorities fret over misuse of harmful pesticides

US grapples with bedbugs, misuse of pesticides

Planned highway in Tanzania’s Serengeti criticized for effect on wildebeest, zebra migration

Wildebeest roadblock? Highway planned in Serengeti

The search for jaguars: Tracking and filming elusive cats a passion for Venezuelan biologist

On a mission to track and save the elusive jaguar

NYC report: Bedbugs spreading like never before, city commits $500,000 to battle them

NYC looks to stop spreading bedbug infestations

Wide-eyed, forest-dwelling primate feared extinct for over 60 years photographed in Sri Lanka

Rare Sri Lankan primate gets 1st wide-eyed closeup

Hibernating bears avoid heart problems, may offer insight into human heart health

Hibernating bears have healthy hearts

PULLMAN, Wash. — Grizzly bears love pastries, can be 50 percent body fat and spend nearly half the year sleeping.

Draft study: Christo’s river project in Colorado could have significant environmental impact

Study: Christo project could impact environment

Researchers: Population of Amazon river dolphins dropping as they’re slaughtered for fish bait

Amazon river dolphins being slaughtered for bait

Racehorse injury study finds non-gelded males twice as likely to break down as females

Study: Male horses have greater fatal injury rate

Documents show vast cleanup of Plum Island labs, land; some environmentalists are dubious

Documents show vast cleanup of Plum Island land

Group seeks endangered species protection for bumblebee native to Oregon and California

Group seeks endangered listing for bumblebee

2 mountain goats die after being struck by tranquilizer darts in Glacier park study

2 mountain goats killed in Glacier study

HELENA, Mont. — Glacier National Park officials have suspended a study of mountain goats after two animals struck by tranquilizer darts died.

Warm weather spur grasshoppers to hatch; aerial pesticide spraying begins in Wyoming

Grasshopper spraying begins as pest species hatch

Mystery around remote NY island begins to lift as storied animal research lab heads west

Lab’s move begins to lift mystery around NY island

Study in Indonesia finds new types of long-nose frog, tiny kangaroo, gecko, birds

New frogs and geckos and pigeons, oh my

WASHINGTON — Finding a new animal species is a special moment for scientists and even better when one hops into their mountain camp and volunteers to be discovered.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology wins a Webby for ‘All About Birds’ website

Cornell birds website wins a Webby

ITHACA, N.Y. — The Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s “All About Birds” website will be celebrated alongside film critic Roger Ebert, rock band OK Go, comedian Jim Carrey and Twitter in the 14th annual Webby Awards.

Scientist: Elephants’ fear of bees could help prevent fatal conflict with humans

Buzz off! Elephants flee bees, new research shows

Study: Chimpanzees’ reaction to death of a group member similar to humans

Researchers: Chimps deal with death like humans

Scientists’ DNA testing shows Japanese whale meat illegally surfacing at sushi bars elsewhere

Barack Obama (Waxwork)

Oregon scientists’ DNA testing of whale meat offers evidence of illegal trade from Japan

The White House

To save fish, Washington becomes first state to try to phase out copper in brake pads

Washington state moves to ban copper in brake pads

Annual backyard bird count shows abundant robins and tree swallows, scarce winter finches

Robins rule in annual North American bird count

Western rangeland states brace for projected grasshopper outbreak

Grasshopper outlook strikes fear on Western range

Plight of bees worsens this winter and scientists spot stew of pesticides in pollen, hives

Bees in more trouble than ever after bad winter

Animals in Arctic rebounding since 1970, but not near North Pole where populations falling

Arctic animals doing better, but not close to pole

Researchers say recent expedition proves there’s no need kill whales to study or manage them

Researchers back from Antarctic no-kill whale trip

Climate change threatens US migratory bird populations, Interior Department report says

Interior: Climate change threatens migratory birds

Sen. Schumer questions EPA’s omission of BPA from list of restricted chemicals

Senator urges EPA to restrict plastics chemical

Researchers: Fewer shark attacks reported in the US in 2009; Fla. also saw sharp decline

Study: Fewer shark attacks reported in the US

No flight, no bite: Genetic researchers say wingless female mosquitoes could curb fatal fever

Without a wing, no prayer for female mosquitoes

Australian study finds cat food, meat ants powerful weapons in war against cane toads

Australian study uses cat food in war on cane toad

Researchers set sail for no-kill study of Antarctic whales, in open challenge to Japan

No-kill researchers sail to study Antarctic whales

With redhead hue on its tail feathers, small dinosaur from China shows first evidence of color

Dino tail feathers were carrot colored, study says

Rising seas threaten tigers living in the mangrove forest of Bangladesh, study warns

Study: Rising seas threaten Bangladesh tigers

Body washes ashore at NY’s Plum Island, where government lab studies dangerous animal diseases

Body found on NY’s Plum Island, disease lab site

Federal health agencies say more study needed on health effects of bisphenol-A

Health agencies call for more study on bisphenol-A

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