Tiger shot dead in Assam

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

GUWAHATI - A Royal Bengal tiger was shot dead by forest rangers after the big cat mauled two people to death and critically injured two more in Assam Tuesday, wildlife officials said.

The incident took place at village Habiborongabari in Morigaon district, about 60 km east of Assams main city of Guwahati.

The adult tiger in the last few days attacked and killed a number of cattle in the area and this morning from nowhere the beast descended on the village and first mauled to death a woman and then another man working in the field, Dharani Das, a local villager who witnessed the incident, told IANS by telephone.

After mauling the two people, the big cat went berserk and charged at locals who were caught unawares.

A police official on duty and a child were also attacked by the same tiger and both of them are now battling for survival at a hospital, Das said.

Soon a large crowd of people numbering about 500 armed with sticks and crude implements started charging at the tiger along a paddy field.

A group of armed wildlife guards riding on elephant back along with veterinary doctors and members of a wildlife conservation group arrived at the spot and tried to tranquilize the tiger, but by then the animal was in a belligerent mood, another witness Bipul Bora said.

Sensing more attacks, wildlife rangers shot dead the tiger.

We tried our best to tranquilize the tiger, but then the situation was such that the predator was getting out of control and fearing more casualties we were left with no option other than gunning down the beast, a forest guard said.

The tiger probably strayed out of an adjoining forest and entered the human settlement area in search of food.

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