Sony launches world’s first tilting television

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LONDON - Electronic giant Sony has unveiled what is billed as the world’s first tilting screen.he “Monolithic” screens, which start at 1,300 pounds for a 40-inch screen and are available in state-of-the art 3D models, can either be set up vertically or slotted to a six-degree backwards lean.

“Most people don’t put their televisions at waist height any more, they set them up a foot or two off the ground,” the Daily Mail quoted Tim Page, Sony Europe’s senior manager of technology marketing, as saying.

“With more minimalist, uncluttered styles for furniture it suits the trend to site the television where it’s in a less obtrusive position.

“It’s part of a wider trend for lower level furniture, but with a conventional screen it can mean you’re effectively looking down at the picture.

“For an optimum image in terms of contrast and colours, you need to look at it square-on, and that’s where the tilting function comes in.

“It’s exactly the same as sitting in front of a laptop - you tilt the screen back so you can see it properly,’ Page added.

Sony researchers say a six degree lean is the ideal angle - any less doesn’t make much of a discernible difference, and any more could lead to reflections from ceiling lights getting in the way.

The range of tilting screens runs to a 55in model priced at 3,000 pounds. (ANI)

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