Rescued crocodile may die from plastic consumption

Monday, March 15, 2010

PANAJI - A dying crocodile was rescued from a river at Kundaim but forest officials feared the reptile could die of consumption of plastic waste in the river.

Range forest officer Amar Heblekar told reporters the crocodile was rescued from the picturesque Cumbharjua river, which is famed for crocodiles and hosts several crocodile safari trips for tourists for most parts of the year.

“We are making all our efforts to treat the adult crocodile. We have conducted an X-ray on it. There are no external injuries which can be seen, but it is a case of an inflated stomach,” Heblekar said, adding that the crocodile may have eaten a substantial quantity of plastic that resulted in the inflated stomach.

He said operations conducted on crocodiles are generally not successful. “They are cold blooded animals who often die of shock on the operating table,” he said.

Excessive plastic clogging on the river beds and sea bed in Goa has been in the news in the recent times. Pollution of the water beds has not only reduced visibility levels, but also put marine life at threat.

Several divers have also complained in the recent past about coral reefs near Grande Island off Goa being threatened by pollution of the sea bed by plastic and other affluents.

–Indo Asian News Service

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