Kiwi device to make broadband Internet 50 times faster at no extra cost

Sunday, August 15, 2010

WELLINGTON - A company in New Zealand has created a device that promises to increase the speed of broadband Internet by 50 times.

Manufacture by Remote Management Systems, the system looks like a modem, and connects with homes’ existing wiring to boost broadband speeds without having to pay the more than 800 dollar fee for re-wiring a home with fibre-optic cables to get such fast internet.

It’s called a service delivery point and has been designed by operations manager Alan Jacks, production design engineer Hayden Short, and development engineer Chris Johnston.

Telecom’s infrastructure division, Chorus, has already taken orders for the product. The company is also marketing to Australia, and has received interest from Britain, Singapore, Taiwan and France.

An additional advantage to those who already have fibre optic cabling and still wish to use the device - it will act as a backup electricity system.

The firm is also in discussions with banks and government departments to keep eftpos machines, security cameras operating and alarms running.

“This is going to make us big,” quoted Feygan as saying.

“We have invested millions of investors’ money, worked weekends and long hours and it’s finally paying off,” he added. (ANI)

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