Mobile phones ‘to be recharged wirelessly from 2012′

Thursday, September 16, 2010

LONDON - Cell phone users may soon be able to recharge their devices wirelessly.

Japanese technology company Fujitsu has developed a system capable of simultaneously charging multiple portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras and laptop computers without the need for cable connections.

Electric cars users may also eventually be able to charge their vehicles wirelessly using the same technology according to Fujitsu, which unveiled a prototype system at an Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers conference at Osaka Prefecture University.

Claiming to be the world’s first of its kind, the technology works on the basis of the transmission of electricity using magnetic fields between the charger and the electronic device.

The system enables wireless charging at distances of up to several metres, with the ultimate aim of installing public “charging spots” on the streets in order to enable easy charging around the clock.

Scientists at Fujitsu Laboratories are planning to commercially sell products incorporating the new wireless charging system as early as 2012 but did not disclose how much they would cost.

“This technology paves the way to integrating compact wireless charging functions into mobile phones and enabling multiple portable devices to be charged simultaneously without any restrictions on their position with respect to the charger,” the Telegraph quoted the company as saying in a statement. (ANI)

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