Families now own three to five TV sets in Britain

Monday, October 11, 2010

LONDON - One in six families own five TV sets in Britain and two-thirds of households have three sets or more.

In many homes, it is now the norm to have TVs in every bedroom and the kitchen, as well as the living room.

Families still watch popular shows together but often have sets in other rooms to keep more options open.

The popularity of features such as flat screens, high definition and 3D has seen sales soar in recent years.

Digital switchover, which will be complete in 2012 and will render analogue TV redundant unless they have a set top box, is another factor fuelling the boom in sales, reports the Daily Mail.

Shows such as “Strictly Come Dancing”, “The X Factor” and “Doctor Who”, which regularly pull in audiences in excess of 10 million, mean that families are still watching the big programmes together.

But consumers also like to have the option to watch other shows - often on digital channels - individually. And some sets are used to play video games.

The research by Tesco, a global grocery and general merchandising retailer headquartered in Cheshunt, Britain, which sells one in three TV sets, also shows that kitchens are the latest place to put flat screen TVs.

Matt Finch, commercial manager for Tesco, said: “Many households already have big flatscreen TVs in their living rooms and now we’re seeing customers add smaller sets in other rooms.”

“This is not only for programme-viewing but also to watch DVDs and play video games,” said Finch.

Digital television is now in 92.7 percent of homes - an increase of three percent on the last year.

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