Now play ‘Star Wars’ on iPhone

Friday, November 5, 2010

LONDON - It is the dream application for anyone harbouring fantasies of being Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars”.

A new game for iPhone lets users take the controls of the Millennium Falcon and battle enemy spaceships using the phone’s built-in camera to create the backdrop.

The game recreates the famous scene from the first “Star Wars” film in which Hans Solo, played by Harrison Ford, has to take on the enemy using his aging spacecraft the Millennium Falcon.

Falcon Gunner uses the smartphone’s camera so that whatever appears in its lens becomes the background to your battle against Imperial TIE-Fighters.

The innovative idea means that users can pretend to take on Darth Vader’s troops in London, the countryside, or even on the Tube, reports the Daily Mail.

A video from the yet-to-be released game showing the app in action over New York has become an internet hit.

The app, due later this month, is one of the first games to use ‘augmented reality,’ when meshes real-life environments with virtual additions.

Augmented reality places layers of virtual information over real-life locations and is expected to be widely used to enhance tourist sites with the new generation of smartphones.

The game, produced by THQ Wireless, is also available for iPod Touch.

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