Cheryl Cole and David Beckham have the ‘most perfect faces’

Sunday, November 7, 2010

LONDON - David Beckham and Cheryl Cole have been voted as having the ‘most perfect faces’ in a poll.

Researchers asked 100 volunteers to produce an image of an attractive male or female face using police e-fit techniques, and then combined them into one male face and a female face.

Cole’s facial proportions were found to be the best match for the perfect female face and Beckham’s those of a male face.

Dr Chris Solomon at the University of Kent, who led the study, said the match between Cole’s face and the ideal was ’striking’.

“She has so many of the classic features of beauty - the wide eyes, the narrower than average nose, the small mouth with full lips and the high, slim eyebrows,” The Daily Mail quoted Solomon as saying.

The only imperfection, she said, was that her chin and jaw appeared slightly wider than the idealised proportions.

Beckham was found to have the perfect nose, eyes and smile and the only slight discrepancies are a slightly narrower jaw and eyebrows slightly further down the head than would be considered ideal.

According to the study, for a perfect face, women need a smooth complexion, large eyes, full lips and a narrow nose, while men need a ‘lean face’ with visible but not protruding cheek bones, a narrow bottom of their nose, deep-coloured eyes and a soft, small jawline.

On the other hand, many men said that a technically perfect female face looked ‘cold’ and ‘lifeless’.

“This suggests that what we recognise to be “perfect” beauty is not necessarily the same as what we see as attainable or desirable in a partner,” Solomon said. (ANI)

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