‘I can see me’ webcams to improve reading fluency in students

Sunday, November 7, 2010

WASHINGTON - An out the box thought by a researcher made him use webcams for the purpose of improving fluency in children.

Tmothy Frey assistant professor of special education, counseling and student affairs along with two students of Kansas State University undertook the project, which aimed at improving fluency and comprehension.

The researchers used webcams, instead of audio recorders, to help students improve reading fluency because with webcams the students could both see and hear themselves read, which the researchers called the “I can see me” procedure.

“With testing and assessments, we know that generally the earlier you can catch things and find potential problems, the better off a student will be. This really can help students pick up on error patterns and help prevent them from having further reading problems,” said Frey.

The research actively involved the students. During designated reading time in class, the students went to the computers and read a selected reading sample in front of the webcams. Afterward, they could watch the video and pick out any mistakes.

“The video really seemed to change how students were engaged. They didn’t just hear themselves read anymore, but they could see themselves reading, which they really liked,”

The researchers presented their project at the conference for the International Society for Technology in Education. (ANI)

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