Software to stop you writing e-mails when drunk

Friday, November 12, 2010

LONDON - A new software can now stop you writing e-mails or posting messages when you are drunk.

The Social Media Sobriety Test poses a series of simple problems that are intended to be fiendishly difficult to complete when intoxicated.

The test is designed to prevent alcohol-related posting to social media sites like

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr.

It also stops people from using custom sites like Foursquare or blogs and web-based

e-mail accounts such as gmail or hotmail, the Daily Mail reported.

If the inebriated user fails one of the simple tests, a message can be posted on their Facebook or Twitter page that tells their friends that they are “too drunk to post right now”.

Developed by web security firm Webroot, the test’s tagline is “Nothing good happens online after 1 a.m.” And it is free to download.

Users are able to personalise it to choose which sites to block and then select the hours of the day when they are most likely to have enjoyed a few drinks.

If you want to access social media sites during these times, you will have to pass a randomly selected sobriety test such as ‘drag your mouse in a straight line’, ‘type the alphabet backwards’, or ‘follow the finger’.

A Webroot spokesman said: “We saw an opportunity to remind people to be responsible on social networks, and to be humorous while talking about Internet security.”

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