You can’t resist adultery by deleting Facebook accounts, says Minister

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WASHINGTON - Pastor Cedric Miller had recently advised that some people should stay away from Facebook because the social media site leads Christians into the ‘temptation’ to commit adultery.

However, Mark Driscoll, a Seattle-based minister believes otherwise, reports the Washington Post.

According to him, when the Bible speaks of the center of our person-where our motives, feelings, and thoughts reside-it uses the word heart. So, to really deal with any issue, we must get to the heart of the matter.

Social media simply reveals hearts - angry people post flame-throwing statements in haste, narcissistic people post statements and photos constantly to ensure we do not ignore them, he says.

“And the perverted pursue illicit connections, including adultery, as they enjoy posting and seeing sexualized photos and statements. To be sure, some people should avoid technology such as Facebook in the same way that alcoholics should avoid liquor stores,” Driscoll said.

“However, to state that such technologies should be avoided because people abuse them is a grievous error. Because the issue is the heart.”

“Even if someone does not commit adultery because of Facebook, if that sin remains in their heart, they will find another way to act upon it (even if only in their mind, which counts as well, according to Jesus),” Driscoll added.

“As a pastor, I use a lot of online technology, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, podcasts, vodcasts, blogging, and so on. Such information portals are opportunities for my heart and the hearts of others I interact with to be revealed and transformed.”

Driscoll said, “We can pray for one another, ask and answer questions, serve one another, apologize to one another, and encourage one another-the very things that God asks of us and that help our hearts to reflect his.” (ANI)

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