A glass of red wine a day ‘can treat diabetes’

Monday, November 22, 2010

LONDON - Research has found that drinking a small glass of red wine every day can help treat diabetes.

Potent “super-food” compounds found in the wine can work as well as a daily dose of medication for people with Type 2 diabetes, reports the Daily Express.

Scientists discovered antioxidants in red wine could be just as effective as a daily dose of a combative drug. The polyphenols - biologically active compounds in the wine - operate in a similar way to the drug rosiglitazone, which is now banned.

The research was carried out before the ban came into effect.

Experts from Vienna’s University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences found that a 125ml glass each day was enough to provide people with Type 2 diabetes with their daily dose of medication.

The scientists said the recommended daily dose for treating Type 2 diabetes using rosiglitazone is between 4mg and 8mg.

The team said 100ml of the tested red wines was equivalent to 1.8-18mg of rosiglitazone. It adds to the mounting evidence about the health benefits of a glass or two of red wine.

The study has been published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Food and Function. (ANI)

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