Now, iPhone apps to help you during pregnancy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

WELLINGTON - If you are pregnant, there are iPhone apps that can help you get through the process. And while it’s true that these apps don’t make the pain ago away, they do let you keep track of things and become more knowledgeable.

Pregnancy-related phone applications are an extremely handy pregnancy resource that can be used just about anywhere, reports

With so many free and low cost apps available, they’re fast becoming a convenient resource for mums and even dads to be.

Here are some of the most useful and popular pregnancy apps available for the iPhone.


Baby brain sufferers, look no further. This app shows how far along your pregnancy is and calculates Body Mass Index, tracks weight gain and records vital stats pertaining to mother and unborn bub, notes on medical visits, questions for the obstetrician, important pregnancy contact numbers, as well as all relevant medical appointments, with a reminders of scheduled appointment popping up each time the app is opened. It also features a ‘Baby Names’ list to add possible choices to.

The app provides quick tips and information divided into baby, mummy and daddy.


The intention of dad2be is to “provide general information with a fun edge that you might get from a friend” - and it does precisely that.

With simple subject titles such as Dos, Don’ts and Nevers such as “Never check the scores during labour”, language and notes are short and direct - “Giving birth is usually very painful.

Pimp My Ultrasound

Clearly designed for entertainment purposes only - and probably by a dad trying to make head or tail of his own baby’s ultrasound image - users upload an ultrasound image of their unborn child to the app and ‘pimp’ it.

With a large variety of accessories and props on offer, including hats, mohawks, sunglasses, sporting goods, footwear, musical instruments and speech bubbles, it’s definitely giggle worthy and will help create at least one ultrasound image those outside of the immediate family will genuinely enjoying looking at.

Foods to avoid when pregnant

During pregnancy hunger often strikes hard, fast and out of nowhere - and if food consumption isn’t imminent, a spray of vomit often will be. For those of us who have found themselves in a food court thinking fries from McDonalds is the only safe option available, this app takes the headache out of one of the most confusing aspects of pregnancy.

Baby names wizard

You never know where you’ll be when you discover a potential baby name, so an application devoted to this is an absolutely necessity.

While some name apps boast databases of 25,000 names ore more, the search functions can be confusing at times. The Baby Names Wizard is very cute and very simple to navigate, allowing names to be searched by gender, meaning, origin, trends and popularity.

You can also create a list of favourites, which can be easily emailed to family and friends. (ANI)

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