LONDON - A new study has found that the manner in which news spreads through online blogs is very similar to the statistical behaviour of earthquakes.
MELBOURNE - A new study has found that bushfires appeared in Australia more than 50 million years earlier than thought, which means that dinosaurs were witness to these events.
WASHINGTON - A new study has suggested that some intravaginal practices used by women, such as washing the vagina with soap, may increase the acquisition of HIV infection and should be avoided.
WASHINGTON - In World War II, the US had two major strategic advantages over the Axis - oil and water, according to a new study.
LUCKNOW - People in this Uttar Pradesh capital Wednesday woke up to a brief spell of showers, which revived the chill in the air. But the minimum temperature at 13.2 degrees Celsius was above normal due to cloudy skies.
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