PANAJI - English poet William Blake's "tyger" might continue to burn bright if a spark lit by young poets and artists at a poetry camp in Goa - with the animal as its theme - catches on, even as the wilds are threatened by illegal mining.
WASHINGTON - Increasing evidence indicates that atopic dermatitis is a precursor to allergic diseases rather than a consequence. And now, dermatologists are advising parents of infants and young children affected by this common skin condition to be aware of the potential for future food allergies.
WASHINGTON - A Facebook security threat that would allow anyone to access your personal data has been repaired by the company.
WASHINGTON - A new study examines why the lyrics of popular rap songs stereotype black women as 'oversexed jezebels,' 'asexual mammies' and 'gold diggers'.
SHIMLA - The vast spread of water in the Pong wetlands of Himachal Pradesh's picturesque Kangra Valley is keeping the world's highest-altitude migrant, the bar-headed goose, away from its favourite destination this winter.
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