WASHINGTON - A new case study has found that deep brain stimulation may help control hard-to-treat blood pressure.
LONDON - Scientists have predicted that the world's largest volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming could erupt for the first time in 600,000 years and wipe out 66 percent of the United States.
WASHINGTON - Polish composer Frederic Chopin, who was hounded by hallucinations during his relatively short life, probably had epilepsy, according to a new study.
LONDON - Some of the Himalayan glaciers are advancing thanks to the presence of debris such as pebbles, rocks, and debris from surrounding mountains, suggests a new study.
JOHANNESBURG - Pigs are reportedly creating havoc and "terrorising" people in Africa's Kalahari desert. They are roaming the streets, disturbing road traffic and are all over the marketplaces.
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