NEW DELHI - India, at the forefront of the global war against climate change, does not have any guidelines to make government offices eco-friendly, reveals a Right to Information (RTI) query.
NEW DELHI - A sunny morning greeted Delhiites Wednesday, which saw a minimum temperature of 5.8 degrees Celsius, still a notch below average.
WASHINGTON - Pterosaurs-dinosaur-era flying reptiles-were nearly ten times heavier than the already known heaviest bird Kori Bustard, suggests a new study.
LONDON - Scientists have proof now that when it comes to falling ill, men really are wimps. A new study has found that men are much more prone to falling sick under work pressure than a working woman, who carries on regardless with a 'stoical response' when she's ill.
WASHINGTON - University of North Carolina researchers have found how a 'chaperone' enzyme has a major role in cells' ability to tolerate the DNA damage that leads to cancer and other diseases.
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