RAJPURA - Animal carcasses are not to be dumped into the river, washermen should not use chemicals to wash dirty clothes, the river bank is not to be used as a toilet and no polythene bags - these are among the measures villagers in Rajpura, in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh, have planned as part of their campaign to clean up the polluted Yamuna.
Dubai, Jan 10 (IANS/WAM) The United Arab Emirates (UAE) will be free of plastic bags by 2013, the minister of environment has said.
NEW DELHI - Winter continued its relentless onslaught in the north Sunday, claiming 13 more lives in Uttar Pradesh and taking the toll in the state to 82. People shivered as temperatures nose-dived in all major cities.
LUCKNOW - The cold wave in Uttar Pradesh claimed 13 more lives Sunday as the temperature dropped to new lows across large parts of the state. The death toll in the state has climbed to 82.
NEW DELHI - Delhiites Sunday shivered through the coldest day in five years when the maximum temperature plunged 10 degrees below average and icy winds made it even harsher for the people.
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