LONDON - Neanderthals' diet was not confined to meat alone but they also cooked and ate vegetables, a study has found.
LONDON - Scientists at the University of Glasgow have developed an ultra-fast computer chip, which is 20 times faster than regular desktop computers.
LONDON - Some people exhibit an exceptionally brilliant business sense, which may be a result of a particular gene they possess - says a new study.
NEW DELHI - After a series of foggy and chilly days, Delhi saw relatively clear skies Wednesday with the minimum temperature three degrees above the normal. The weather office said light showers were expected during the day.
SHIMLA - The third eye is monitoring the movement of the highly endangered, elusive snow leopard in the cold deserts of Himachal Pradesh. And one of the camera traps has thrown up useful footage - of a pack of dogs attacking and injuring a snow leopard.
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