LONDON - After a gruelling 233 days of surviving on only canned foods and showering only once a week, a team of astronauts is finally ready to 'land' on the Red Planet.
LONDON - Police in UK have warned parents and children of a Facebook scam involving fake modelling agencies that encourage kids to pose in underwear.
LONDON - According to scientists, prairie dogs communicate with each other in a unique language of their own and have the ability to describe humans.
LONDON - London, Jan 22 (ANI): Facebook has raised 1.5 billion dollars from investors making it the world's most popular social networking site at about 50 billion dollars, which is more than eBay and Time Warner.
SHIMLA - The bar-headed goose, the ruddy shell duck and the mallard, all winter visitors to Himachal Pradesh's Pong Dam wetlands, are about to find themselves tailed - with the global positioning system (GPS).
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