CHICAGO - US-based Indian origin astrophysicist Sukanya Charkrabarti has found her calling 260,000 light years away in a galaxy that can barely, if at all, be seen.

CHICAGO - Egyptologist Barry Kemp has said that the artefacts unearthed recently from an ancient burial site in the city of Amarna shed light on the existence of sun worship in ancient Egypt.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. - If huge, hungry Asian carp reach Lake Michigan, their long-dreaded invasion may turn out to be less ferocious than once expected because a tiny competitor is gobbling up their primary food source, some Great Lakes researchers say.

ROSEMONT, Ill. - While most businesses recoil at the mere thought of bedbugs, one suburban Chicago hotel is welcoming the bloodsucking pests - at least this week.

MINNEAPOLIS - Boeing and a space tourism company have announced a deal to sell tickets on rocket rides to the International Space Station.
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