20 potatoes a day diet for 2 months makes US man lose 18 pounds!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LONDON - Contrary to the popular belief that potatoes should stay out of a diet plan, a man in the US has eaten nothing but 20 potatoes a day for the past two months.hris Voigt, executive director of the Washington State Potato Commission, is trying to debunk perceptions that potatoes are unhealthy and instead are a good source of fibre, potassium and vitamin C.

Since October 1, he has eaten nothing but 20 potatoes a day-no cheese toppings, no butter and milk for mashing.

Critics, however, had warned Voigt it would lead to weight gain, loss of energy and worryingly high blood sugar levels from all the carbohydrates.

But in the course of his two-month diet, Voigt said he has lost 18 pounds.

“Physically I feel great. Lots of energy, sleep good at night, no strange side-effects,” the BBC quoted Voigt as saying.

This diet was just a bold statement to remind people that there is a lot of nutrition in a potato.

“My doctor is interested to see the final results, and he suspected I would be just fine at the end of 60 days,” he said.

While nutritionist Sue Todd wouldn’t recommend such a diet, she said it has more going for it than some-especially if he was in reasonably good health to start with, and doesn’t continue beyond 60 days.

“Sailors on long sea voyages used to get scurvy, because they ate mainly starches from grain, which contained no vitamin C. Potatoes are a decent source of vitamin C, although they are not high in it.

“Depending on how you restrict your diet, missing out on some vitamins affects you more than others. Variety is really important to get the nutrients our bodies need,” she said. (ANI)

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