N-reactors do not cause environmental degradation, says AEC

Friday, January 29, 2010

KOLKATA - The nuclear reactors which are being set up across India to fulfil the future energy requirements do not cause any environmental degradation, Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) chairman Srikumar Banerjee said here Friday.

“The nuclear reactors do not cause any environmental degradation,” Banerjee stressed while delivering the foundation day oration of Ramkrishna Mission Institute of Culture.

He said the nuclear reactors do not interfere with environment as “we strictly follow all the guidelines before setting up such system in any part of the country”.

Banerjee also noted that there has been a misconception among commoners that these nuclear reactors emit harmful radiations adversely affecting human health.

“These are just misconceptions. All nuclear reactors maintain stringent norms and control the radiation level much lower than the permissible limit,” Banerjee said.

He said five nuclear plants would be set up at different locations across India - Kudrakulam in Tamil Nadu, Jaitapur in Maharashtra, Mithivindhi in Gujarat, Haripur in West Bengal and Kovada in Andhra Pradesh.

“It’s very important for us to have these nuclear parks as they would help achieve the target of generating 60,000 MW of nuclear power by 2032,” the AEC chairman said.

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