World’s first robotic rotary dairy does the job of a farmer

Friday, November 12, 2010

MELBOURNE - Leaving the bed at the crack of dawn could soon become a thing of the past for Oz dairy farmers-thanks to a new robotic rotary dairy that does the job of a farmer.

Instead of the farmer putting the milking cups on the cows’ udders by hand, two robotic arms come out when a cow enters the dairy, with one washing the udder while the other attaches the cups.

Industry experts said that if the robotic dairy was successful it could be far more competitive on the global market by cutting the costs of milking, while monitoring herd and milk quality.

Swedish dairy equipment company DeLavel has developed the robotic dairy in collaboration with Australian researchers for the FutureDairy project.

Shirley Harlock, of the FutureDairy project, said being able to sleep in was one of the many ways the robotic rotary could change work and life for farmers.

“This is one of the most exciting developments that has occurred in the 40 years I’ve been dairy farming,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Harlock as saying.

“Although it won’t suit all dairy farmers, the robotic rotary offers considerable benefits in terms of enabling more flexible working conditions and improved lifestyle,” he said.

Next year robotic rotaries will be installed on two Australian commercial farms as DeLaval releases the machinery for commercial use. (ANI)

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